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    Water in crawl space of small home

    I recently bought, a 1200 square foot home, I pulled up the kitchen subfloor to repair some minor rot under the sink. I discoverd about 2 to 3 inchs of standing water under the kitchen, in the crawl space. So my question is what is my best soloution for this ? I would like to fix it before I...
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    Textured wall hole repair

    My home has a rather large hole in the wall from, where a artificial fireplace use to be. It is on a artificial brick textured wall, I would like to cover the hole with some beadboard. I am planning on building a patch, for the hole out of 2x4's and plywood, so there is so strangth in the...
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    Plank sub floor HELP

    I recently pulled up the flooring in the bathroom of my house. Because I noticed there was some noticeble soft spots. There are a few planks that are rotted, so heres my question. How can I replace the rotted portions of the planks without removing the whole plank. Heres some of the options...
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    help with painting on dirty walls

    I recently painted a room in my new home, I thought I had the walls ''wood paneling'' clean enough but I guess not. The previous owner smoked and there was some type of brown fillth on the walls. It is running through the paint Im on my 2nd coat and you can still see it. I have been useing cheap...
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