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  1. Staystromg

    Trying to identify kitchen faucet

    Firstly, I thought it's a faucet for filtered water, but I think, it's better to remove it and change. You may try to find a new useful kitchen faucet somewhere here or on any other sources like this. I've bought a new kitchen faucet recently with a retractable hose and it's one of the most...
  2. Staystromg

    Toilet issue

    It seems like the problem is in a drain.
  3. Staystromg

    Affordable Home Decor Items

    Good decoration is always a hard issue. Some time ago we moved in a new house and decided not to buy any of decor immediately, but wait for the right moment. You know that moment, when you are standing in front of a beautiful pillow or a vase and say to yourself "I'd like to buy it, but I don't...
  4. Staystromg

    Bathroom Remodel options

    You live in this house right now, so, make it comfortable for you now! There is no need to think about hypothetical buyers from the not nearest future.
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