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    dirt in window well

    Hi everyone. I have noticed some dirt in my window well. Does this mean something has nested there? Should I have it fixed? If so, how? Thanks so much! Paul
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    Planting fruits & vegetables in COVID-19 times

    I have bought some fruit and vegetable seeds to plant in the backyard, in case we have food shortages, and also to give me something to do while staying home. Good idea? Is anyone doing the same? Cheers, Paul
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    cleaning around fridge and oven

    Hi there. How often does everyone clean around the fridge and oven? I recently pulled the fridge out of its spot and checked around it, and found that the top had a a thick layer of dust, the bottom was full of food debris and coins, and the vent on the back side of the fridge was completely...
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    Health concerns with rabbit, rats and squirrels in backyard?

    Hi everyone. There is a piece of wood missing under my deck which creates a gap. I have seen a rabbit and rats come out from it. There are also squirrels that frequent my deck. In the summer, I do use the backyard such as sitting on the lawn chair and pulling weeds. Do any of these critters...
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    ice dams forming at eavestrough

    As the snow melts, I have noticed ice dams forming. I believe it is due to splashes of the water coming from the down pipe. What damage (if any) should I be worried about? And would there be a good solution for a novice level home owner? e.g. will something like gutter foam filter help...
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    bottom of shower door catches floor

    Thanks for your kind suggestions everyone. To answer your question Johnboy555, the gap between the door and the left hand glass panel is barely enough to jam in a couple of credit cards. In fact, the top of the door touches that glass panel. I bought this house as a resale, so unfortunately no...
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    water dripping on the outside at window and vent

    Hi there. I see a small amount of water streaming down the vinyl siding, by a window and a vent: Not sure if this is relevant, but the temperature is below freezing, and there is snow on the roof. Where could the water come from, and is it cause for concern? Thanks a lot. Paul
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    bottom of shower door catches floor

    Hi there. When I try to close the shower door, it catches the floor. I think the problem is likely due to people repeatedly pushing down on the door handle when accessing the shower. Any advice on how to fix the issue? I have enclosed pictures showing the entire door assembly and the hinge. A...
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    snow from snow blower takes off glass pane on light post

    Hi there. I have a light post on my front yard, similar to the one shown in the picture. The snow ejected by the snow blower sometimes inadvertently hits it and takes off the glass pane. Is there any guard or shield to prevent the pane from coming off? The snow blowing is contracted out to a...
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    gaps around windows

    Thanks! Is the backer rod good for vertical gaps?
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    gaps around windows

    Hi there. How should I fix these gaps? They seem too big for caulking and are pretty deep. My skill level: a bit handy but not a pro by any means. Is this the right product to use? https://retail.usa.sika.com/en/products/sealants/non-sag/sikaflexr-mortar-fix-0 Will it stick to the existing...
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    metal hole on driveway

    I just confirmed that to be the case. Thanks all!
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    metal hole on driveway

    Hi there. Does anyone know what this metal hole on my driveway is? Looks like the cap is missing. I took a picture of the same spot on one of my neighbors' driveway. His has a cap. I went to Lowe's and they said they don't have the cap. Does anyone know where to get one and how to install it...
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    moving couches out of basement

    The buyer of the couches managed to get them out, with the legs and cushions removed. It was a tight fit but they did it :) Thanks for your responses!
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    garage door opener does not respond to remote control in cold temperature

    I believe this happens with both remote controls...
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    garage door opener does not respond to remote control in cold temperature

    Hi there. My garage door opener remote control mechanism does not work in the winter. For instance, if the outside temperature is -20 C (-4 F). and inside my car is about 0 C (32 F), when I press the button on the remote control inside the car, the garage door does not close. I would have to...
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    moving couches out of basement

    Hi there. Does anyone have experience moving a couch / love seat / chair set out of a basement? Do you disassemble it, and re-assemble it at the destination? Thanks. Paul
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    electrical receptacle cover does not cover entire hole

    Thanks so much for the advice everyone! Paul
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    electrical receptacle cover does not cover entire hole

    Hi there. An electrician replaced a plug in the kitchen. However, the tile/grout is a little short on the top, as shown in the attached picture. How should I fix this as a homeowner who is only a little bit handy? Thanks a lot. Paul
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    vinyl siding bulged

    Hi there. A section of the siding at my 8-year old house is bulged. It only happens in this one section. I've noticed it since I started living in this house 3 years ago. The bulging shape stays the same all year round. In the enclosed pictures, hopefully you can see the wavy pattern...