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  1. AlphaGarage

    Old & Cracked Cement

    If you get the correct product and apply it properly it will not fail. Look for a quality 2 part epoxy that will remain flexible after it cures, it should also have good elongation, which will allow it to maintain its integrity despite slab shifting, within limits of course.
  2. AlphaGarage

    Recommended Floor Coatings

    Or do a bit of research into industrial quality coatings that can be applied by you. The keys to success are to research your options, obtain the best materials, get them from a source that will support you, and follow the directions. Drop me a pm and I can point you to reviews and journals of...
  3. AlphaGarage

    Floor Coating Types

    There are almost as many floor coatings as there are floors. It can be quite bewildering and confusing. Narrowing the products to liquid coatings suitable for residential and small shop floors that can be installed by the homeowner cuts down that number, which simplifies things a bit. The...