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    covid-19 and hvac

    I was away from this forum for several years and coming back. Good memory back then while I was renovating my condo. I sold it. nealtw was incredibly helpful on my various questions, still appreciate now. with covid-19 ravaging, I turned off all A/C and winter approaching planning to shut the...
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    Replace blow torch with utility lighter

    I am planning to apply the glossing over my counter with envirotec lite. The online video shows whenever there is a bubble form, use a torch light to correct it, i am wondering if i use a utility lighter, whether this will do a job?
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    where to get reliable contractors for bathroom countertop?

    i had posted here long time ago, about a year or two ago, did bought a countertop paint kit and did the work. It is looking miserable now, discolored and peeled off. I said f* it, I am just going to replace entire countertop along with sink and faucet. Went to ikea today, for kitchen they...
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    bathroom paint work is being undone

    2-3 years back, i did a paint job using the bathroom tub paint kit from homedepot. I did pretty thorough work or so I thought but then just about a year ago, paint started peeling in a particularly nasty way (pic below). Now there are 3 distinct spots in my tub that are showing the sign of peel...
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    considering some mod to regarding hvac will it violate building code?

    I own and make payment for condo in california state. The condo bathroom has no de-humidifier so there is a concern regarding mold grow up also the rooms has resistance heater which I dont like as all kind of foul burned metal smell when turned on. I am wondering if I do following mod-s to...
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    room is in perpetual sunlight, dark or light color?

    one of my room is actually on building corner and it actually has two on that corner and each of them are on opposite walls on the corner: as a result, it actually gets sunlight from sunrise to sunset. That means it can get prohibitely hot during summer times. Currently painted with light color...
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    any other alternatives to rustoeum

    I have used one of the rustroleum counter to painting kit to improve my old-style counter for kitchen and bathroom, but looking at now, I think it was mostly failure. I think before last applicatin of protective coat, I did not smooth it enough because it was very labor intensive. Because of it...
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    thinking to install barn door in the closet, crazy idea?

    During renovation I dumped the old 3 piece closet door in the hallway and associated tracks. It won't work because the washer I purchased protrude from closet space bit too much and interfere with the door close. So I am thinking about installing sliding barn door in that area, here is I put the...
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    hot water only in shower, mostly hot water in bathroom sink after plumbing job

    my condo unit had a working bathroom shower and sink for about a year but recently it has got cold water only during weekends and shortly after that plumber seen outside apparently taking care of this issue. However after weekends, I noticed shower has gone completely hot and bathroom sink will...
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    need to remove this pesky soap holder

    There is an ugly soap holder made of probably ceramic and firmly planted to bathroom shower tiles. Part of it already was broken off and today I tried to take off whole thing. I tried with big flat screw + hammer through its seam between tiles but it wont chip away that easily. So I started...
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    how to thermal heat switch

    while I was painting a while ago, I did not bother to remove or cover the thermal heat switch now bearing the fruit. Once all the job done half-painted those switches are an eyesore. I am wondering whether these are removable. I looked around no screws it looks like it might be removeable to...
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    need to fit garden hose end to either of faucets

    I purchased a garden hose to do a cleaning and spraying job around a balcony a while ago but since I live in a condo not house having some hard time finding a water outlet to use it. I tried to find some adapter from kitchen area but it does not extend all the way around the balcony so my best...
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    Installing new shower and bathtub faucet

    I am planning to install new shower and bathroom faucet for my condo. New shower one I am getting the one with handshower extension. Also existing faucets shower-to-bathroom faucet know is extremely hard either press down or lift up. Anyways I am looking through couple in homedepot and pick up...
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    remove toilet lid and painting inwall bathroom cabinet

    I am going through a last piece of nits and picks of my renovation and stuck on couple of items: I tried to remove the in-wall cabinet in bathroom but looks like a it is not going to get off easy so I just decided the paint. It has a plastic interior so wondering what paint would be the best...
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    installing vinyl planks on bathroom

    Picked up the vinyl planks ready to be installed on bathroom. I am expecting to do some cuts to account for irregular shape however how do you cut around toilet bowl? I am just planning to cut to the base of the bowl as accurate as possible but is it the normally right procedure? Does toilet...
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    suddenly concerned during vinyl floor removal

    I started working on older vinyl floor removal today however it was extra difficult or the glue between the old vinyl and the flooring was tough and physical work. I noticed there were at least 3 layers of old vinyl in the closet area. Looked in the web for easier removal and suddenly came...
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    installing peel and stick vinyl tiles

    Sorry if it is a nooblet question as I really am. I just picked up the style selections stick vinyl tile 12x12 inc size from local hardware store. THe online guide and paper guide inside the packet mismatch, however it calls for underlayment or primer before installation and after that just...
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    average bathtub installation cost

    I am replacing the older bathtub for the condo which i moved in and put a brand new one. featurewise just plain white one. However homedepo and lowes wont do the installation, they will only do the complete remodeling of bath. However guy at homedepo suggested me search for indie contractors who...
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    Installing peel and stick tile

    I just saw this in lowes yesterday. Peel and stick tiles for while I was looking around for replacing shower bath tub tiles. I have currently a plain old square tiles which I plan to strip out and put something new. IT says no grouting required, would these be such simple to install? Any...
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    painting ceiling with non white color

    I an painting the bathroom walls with light blue color which I got an idea from pic. If I paint the ceiling with the same color do you think t is gonna loom inferior?. Most ceiling I have seen is mostly white despite wall color however if I have to paint with white that is going to be a whole...