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    Floor smells 2 years later

    Hello, I sanded and redid our hardwood floors with fast or super fast dry minwax oil poly 2 1/2 years ago. I noticed a smell in one of the bedrooms and after a long investigation I concluded it's the floor. Still has that poly smell to it. The rest of the house doesn't have that smell only...
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    Crown Molding Corner Gaps - How to Fix?

    Hello Everyone, I put some crown molding up and did a very bad job. I have some major gaps in a couple of the corners. What would be the best way to fill this in and make it look half way decent? Is there some kind of moldable putty or something like that? Also is there a good way to fill...
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    What to put behind propane stove?

    Hello I have an old fashioned wood stove that has been converted for propane. The stove is in our dinning room area on a brick pad and the wall right now is all brick. The stove is 6" away from the brick and I want to put something over the brick to make it look more like a normal Sheetrock...
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    Bathroom Floor Question

    I have a bathroom that im gutting and redoing. The only portion im keeping in place is the flooring. The bathroom floor has a couple layers of different floor but the most current layer which is linoleum is asbestos containing. It is in perfect shape minus the edge that goes against the...
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    Encapsulating Asbestos Floor Tile Help

    I have a small section of 9”x9” tiles in my basement that is asbestos containing. The tile is glued down (black mastic) directly on the concrete basement floor. 95% of the tiles are in good shape but the other 5% are breaking and coming up. I would like to encapsulating the tile and then put...
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    Bathroom Exterior Wall help

    I have a small 10’x6’ bathroom and am completely gutting and redoing it. I have a question about the exterior and kitchen wall (the red lines in the picture). Do I put sheetrock on the tub wall, backer board, plastic anything? The exterior wall should I just put insulation or...
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    New sheet vinyl over asbestos floor tile.

    Hello I have a 12 by 15 kitchen floor area I want to redo with sheet vinyl. The floor right now has asbestos tile then another vinyl tile on that (don't think it has asbestos due to my research and calling the company). Can I place new sheet vinyl on top of those? I ask because i heard you...
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    Bathroom remodel help.

    Im doing a complete bathroom remodel. Im completing gutting it to studs. My plan is to run a little bit of electrical, replace the piping with PVC or Pex, then use Green Board for the walls, place a new tub on a mortar base with shower walls, then place a new sink vanity with top, and use the...
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    Bathroom Walls Alternative?

    Hello, im completing redoing my small bathroom. I was going to put up mold resistant sheet rock but am under a very tight time crunch and was wondering if there are better (faster) options other than drywall? Or is drywall the best and if so is there a way I can skip out on the joint compound...
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    holes in basement foundation?

    I have 3 holes in my basement foundation. The smallest one makes sense because its just a pipe and that is were we drain our washer water. The other 2 bigger ones dont make sense. Right now they are full of mud but normally they have water in them. Does anyone know what these are for? IS...
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    Ceiling fan and 4 recessed lights

    Hello, I have a ceiling fan hooked up that makes the recessed lights flicker/dim for a second when changing the speed of the fan. I have a 15 amp AFCI breaker hooked up to a 3way smart light dimmer then hooked to the companion 3way light dimmer which then goes to 4 recessed lights. The fan is...
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    AFCI Breaker Light Question

    I have a Siemens AFCI Breaker (QAF TYPE?). I turned it off yesterday so I can work on the wall area and when I turned it back on the breaker had a orange light that came on next the the word "Arc Fault" then the light turned off after 4-5 seconds. It does that every time I turn it off and then...
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    3 way dimmer to 3 way switch

    Is a 3 way dimmer switch wired the same way as a 3 way? Would I be able to put 2 - 3 way dimmer switches in the first box and then put normal 3 way switches in the second box? And all the wiring would be the same? Thank you
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    3way switch to 4 lights and fan?

    Hello, Im attempting to set up a 3way switch on one wall that controls 4 lights and then the other 3way switch on the other wall. That will be for the left side of the room. Then I plan on doing the same thing on the right side BUT need to somehow connect it to the fan which is not ran by a...
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    Hide TV Cable wire behind wall? Easy Access?

    I am redoing my living room and am taking down the panel walls and putting up dryway in place. I will be wall mounting the TV and also wanted to do some kind of wall mount shelf for the Blue ray player and cable box. I was thinking instead of having wires hanging down and being ugly is there a...
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    Reinsulating the Attic

    I plan on reinsulating my attic. I will be taking all the old fiber glass insulation out and replacing it with Roxul. I will put a layer of R30 then a layer of R15 on top of that. When all the old insulation is out I plan on cleaning the attic because of mice and things of that nature. Is...
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    Garage Tilting

    My garage is tilting to the left towards my house. It is about 16 feet wide and 35 feet long. Is there a way I can fix this so it doesn’t fall over during the Maine winter?
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    Foam Question

    I used GREAT STUFF Gaps & Cracks filler to fill in the bigger expose sides of my new replacement window. I was told I should have used GREAT STUFF windows & Doors. Is there a big difference between the two. Should I take my window out and scrap the foam off and put the window back in and...
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    Insulating my house with Roxul R15?? Enough??

    Hello, I am remodeling my house. I took down all the sheet rock and have bare walls now. The house has the siding then it has rigid foam board (not sure how thick but it looked decent - its blue if that matters) then I have the vapor barrier (I think that's what the plastic is) then its the...