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    Painting over exterior semi gloss paint.

    Hello. Need to repaint my fascia which presently has semi-gloss paint on it. I've already scrapped it. I know I should clean the fascia and I've read that I should sand down the paint on it now so the new semi gloss paint will adhere better. I understand that. But what I'd like to know is...
  2. J

    Identifying leak source

    Hello. Recently, my wife moved a bed to clean under it and we discovered that the drywall by the floor trim is bulging out, the trim itself is warped and also bulging, and the adjacent wood flooring is also slightly warped. Also, about 3 feet directly above this damage, there's a line break in...
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    Hello. I'm having a problem with hot water coming out of my cold water taps at times (even ones that have two handles). From what I've read, single handle faucets and valves that have become defective can cause this. Sometimes, once it starts, the hot water doesn't finally cool down after I...
  4. J

    fascia with no rafters

    Hello. I want to replace the fascia around my house. The situation is that my house is a combination of hip and gable roof. Where the roof is hip I have rafters coming down and the fascia is nailed to these rafters so all I have to do is take down the old and attach the new fascia. What I...