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  1. Glenn_S

    What comes first? Appliances or Cabinets?

    Like the title says...Do I install my appliances prior to the cabinet team installing the cabinets, or wait until after? There will be fills around the stove and the fridge will have side panels.
  2. Glenn_S

    Bathroom remodel-task list

    Since I documented all the items in my remodel, I figured I would share with anyone who may want it. Your prices may vary, as well as the quantities. Hopefully it will help someone. When you unzip it, it is an excel spreadsheet.
  3. Glenn_S

    So I finish my bathroom remodel today...

    I got the vanity in and plumbed, toilet set and hooked up and the shower fixture/cartridge installed. YAY! All tested good with no leaks, however..I turn on the shower and get no hot water. Hmmm...I know we turned on both valves. I check the shut-offs on the valve body, yup both on. WTF? As it...
  4. Glenn_S

    What is your EDC knife?

    During the week I carry a Spyderco Chaparral and on the weekends or when working around the house it s a Boker Klanashlov AK-47, which is my beater knife. Really tough keeps an edge and even took a drop onto concrete on the tip last week. no damage. What are you carrying?
  5. Glenn_S

    How to straighten drain pipe in shower?

    We are preparing to tile out this shower with a custom pan and after tearing out the fiberglass insert, we found that the pipe from the larger pipe below (p-trap) was installed at about a 10-15 degree angle. It is in there solid, so what are my options? I don't think a flex pipe is good as I...