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  1. afjes_2016

    Bath fan tripping the breaker

    Thanks for the update kat2014 and glad you got it solved. Hope all is well with the storms you had a while back (mentioned in this thread). Hope all are safe in your family. Be well
  2. afjes_2016

    What's your Temp?

    Bud I sure do miss my hot tub. Had two of them over the years. Now I just have an inflatable - no where near as good as a full size fiberglass one and can't use the inflatable outside in the winter :mad: No snow yet in northeast Penn. But that can change quickly.
  3. afjes_2016

    30 amp breakers

    Yes, I have to agree with the others here in saying I strongly suggest you call a licensed electrician in to look things over. So few 15 amp breakers are odd but more odd are so many single pole 30amp breakers. With experience you can look at the panel and figure basically what is being run off...
  4. afjes_2016

    30 amp breakers

    I can't see the marking on the breakers so can't tell what the amp rating are on them. But if you see that there is a 14 gauge wire on a 20amp breaker or a 12 gauge wire on a 30amp breaker then the breakers should be changed. Physics is physics. 20amp 12 gauge 15amp 14 gauge 30amp 10 gauge
  5. afjes_2016

    1St World Problem, I know... Rocker Switch Question

    I'm with Bud on this one. The slots you could see from the other end of the room or hallway. :eyeballs: You could turn all your switches to WiFi and use your phone instead of the switches. :clap
  6. afjes_2016

    McCulloch Chain Saw-Need user manual please

    UPDATE I found the manual for this chainsaw For anyone in the future searching for this manual. I saw the name plate and searched for Model: CS 38 EM which I could not find. There is a label on the side of the chain saw that says MS1838AV Here is the manual for it. This is for the MS1432 but...
  7. afjes_2016

    McCulloch Chain Saw-Need user manual please

    That's very interesting to say the least. Hey, next time you are in that neighborhood do you think you can stop by his house and ask him for a copy of the user manual for one of his chain saws that I own? :cool:
  8. afjes_2016

    McCulloch Chain Saw-Need user manual please

    Thanks havasu I did not know that McCulloch was owned by Husqvarna I called the # you gave me. I guess I woke "Juan" up as he seemed very out of it. Took him 15 minutes with two "holds" to tell me that they have to request the manual. He pressed me for my tele # and address but he finally...
  9. afjes_2016

    20 amp breaker feeding 15 amp GFI plus overhead lights....questions

    As mentioned already GFCIs do not protect from overloads. They protect from ground faults (G.round F.ault C.ircuit I.nterrupter). Here is something you can read to get a better idea of how a GFCI receptacle or breaker works. You can change out the 20amp breaker for the 15amp breaker. Just be...
  10. afjes_2016

    McCulloch Chain Saw-Need user manual please

    McCulloch Model: CS 38 EM I attached the name plate image of the chain saw my friend just gave me for me doing electrical work for him in trade. I have been trying to find the proper user manual for it but I can't seem to narrow down the correct one. I find variations of the model but not the...
  11. afjes_2016

    Reverse polarity

    I am with Bud on this one. This should not be a "deal killer" for the purchase. You can request in the contract (negotiation) that the seller have this corrected or reduce the price (for the cost) but it should not deter you from buying the home. It should not be difficult to "fix" this issue.
  12. afjes_2016

    Can I mix 12 and 14 gauge wire in a junction box?

    Bud16415 hit the nail on the head with regions using different terminology. Overall, we in this forum who assist DIYers, in my opinion try to correct an OPs terminology or clarify their intended terminology mainly so we can get a grasp on exactly what it is they are asking so we can be more apt...
  13. afjes_2016

    Surprise Shock

    EddieT if you got a shock after shutting off the disconnect then there is still power going to the building. Although feeding a detached building with more than one circuit is against code it does not mean it was not done. If this is a 3 way switch setup it should not have changed since the...
  14. afjes_2016

    Can I mix 12 and 14 gauge wire in a junction box?

    I believe that the OP when referring to "yellow" and "white" wire is referencing "romex" sheathed cable. "Yellow" being 12 gauge and "White" being 14 gauge - I do not believe the OP is referring to colors of individual wires/conductors unless it is a conduit setup and someone used different...
  15. afjes_2016

    3 way switch

    As slownsteady said above it is important to be sure that the rest of the conductors are tightly nutted together as needed. Not to alarm you but - "Loose Wires-Start Fires" - loose wires can cause arcing and then the wires heat up etc.
  16. afjes_2016

    Glass cooktop wiring

    They should have reconnected it for you since they disconnected it. Anyway, you say you have three wires in the box but tell us four wires. Please confirm. Do you have a make and model# of the cook-top to give us. It may be a 240v according to what you describe but we need to be sure. Colors...
  17. afjes_2016

    Ran into a problem splicing and outlet

    Since you tapped into an outlet (receptacle) on the front porch it is very highly possible that that receptacle may be GFCI protected and when you worked on the receptacle the GFCI upstream may have tripped. Mind you this would not trip the breaker also if it sensed a ground fault. This may not...
  18. afjes_2016

    Wire has 2 gauges listed?

    Why are you upgrading your 100amp sub panel to 125amps? Just curious. Did a load calculation determine it is necessary? You may have mentioned it in another thread but I don't know off the top of my head. Upgrading from 100 to 125 amps is not much hence the reason for my question. If a load...
  19. afjes_2016

    Tapping dryer plug for grow room

    . Ohm's just whispered in my ear that - 8,000 watts/240v = 33.33 amps 10 gauge is good up to 30amps And this may be considered a continuous load (multiply by 1.25) - pulling full power for more than three hours. This is why the name plate (specs) is so important. I don't think the lights will...
  20. afjes_2016

    Tapping dryer plug for grow room

    . First step is not complete yet. No specs given except. Ohm's Law anyone? Bud16415 explained the importance of reasoning behind knowing the specs. From what I see in the pics of the "cable" all I can read is NM B which really means nothing. Does not tell what the gauge is. All I see is a...