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  1. oldognewtrick

    Leaving somethign partially sided for a while

    You can, but you risk sun fade/ discoloration if you leave it like that long enough. Water can cause rust on the nails if you leave them exposed to moisture. I'd advise finishing what you start, it's always tougher to go back and finish a old project, at least it is at my address.
  2. oldognewtrick

    What did you do today?

    I think we pissed him off when he said his wife was going through all the tests and our arm chair quarterbacking didn't help. I sent him a private message a month or two ago, he hasn't replied. I sure hope the DR figured out a treatment and I hope he finds his way back someday.
  3. oldognewtrick

    Inactive furnace concern

    Keep us updated.
  4. oldognewtrick

    Curious Hole in Floor

    I can visualize rough in's for a sink, toilet and shower drain. "Maybe" it was left like that for flexibility of drain location for a shower base. Or it could be they just ran out of concrete...😉
  5. oldognewtrick

    Inactive furnace concern

    What kind of smell are you getting? Paint, dead animal, perfume, sewer, gas, fresh baked apple pie?
  6. oldognewtrick

    Bath fan tripping the breaker

    Thanks for the follow up!
  7. oldognewtrick

    Can I build an ADU?

    Oh...A SheShed.
  8. oldognewtrick

    Can I build an ADU?

    What is a UDU?
  9. oldognewtrick

    Home inspection recommendations?

    It's well within your right to get systems inspected along with a home inspector. Often times I've done a roof inspection along with a HVAC company, structural engineer or electrician. In my area, there are a lot of steep and difficult to navigate roof slopes. Home inspectors are most often...
  10. oldognewtrick

    What's your Temp?

    It rains 300 days a year at your house it seems.
  11. oldognewtrick

    What's your Temp?

    60's and mid 70's here in the mid-south. Bud probably has 20" of snow in Erie by now...😉
  12. oldognewtrick

    Window Quilt

    Way back in the late 70's I bought an old house in Cincinnati that had drafty wooden frame windows. There use to be a system of a plastic frame and plexiglass that you basically made an inside storm window. It worked pretty good for what it was. Try one room as you suggested and let us know...
  13. oldognewtrick

    Home buying/selling section

    Thanks Mark! I'm sure it will be a value add!
  14. oldognewtrick

    Mansfield toilet mechanism leaks, but new seal doesn't fix

    Thanks for the followup, it can be useful to others with the same issue or a warning to others.
  15. oldognewtrick

    Home buying/selling section

    Good idea, I'll bring it up at the next board of directors meeting.
  16. oldognewtrick

    What's your Temp?

    Low 40's in Music City today, leaves just starting to turn. I was suppose to be heading up to Erie, PA to do some salmon fishing, but life is trying to get in the way. I'd love to try some Elk burgers, can't find them around here anywhere.
  17. oldognewtrick

    Mysterious Rodent?

    Congratulations on your successful hunting expedition.
  18. oldognewtrick

    Replacing Metal gutter on tile roof

    We need to see how the gutters attached. With a fascia board, it's most likely attached with hidden hangers. A view from the top will remove any speculation on how it's attached.
  19. oldognewtrick

    Paper or metal for corners

    I've had better results with paper tape, I find it's easier to hide and finish than the mesh. Just my 2 cents.
  20. oldognewtrick


    Good idea. 👍