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    Estimated cost of repairing these issues?

    There are several items there that are really do-it-yourself. If you are going to buy an older house, you better learn to do some of these repairs yourself or you will be broke in no time. The reversed receptacle, you turn off the power, remove the receptacle and ensure the white wire...
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    Estimated cost of repairing these issues?

    The grading might be more work than expected. You can't always just "add more dirt". Grade should be 6" below top of foundation. You should check that weep holes on the bricks are not being covered.
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    Can my deck posts wait until after winter to be replaced?

    Some rot on the bottom of the post is not an imminent problem. You can poke a screwdriver into the bottom of the post to see how bad the rot really is --- severity can't accurately be determined from a picture. I can't see the ledger board very well from those photos, but consider that the...
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    Home build/design/architecture questions

    I would not cluster the water units for the sake of simplifying the plumbing. However, I would consider trying to minimize the distance from the water heater to locations that need hot water. To minimize the time that I wait for hot water.
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    Modern Adhesives

    Plastic can be difficult to adhere to. When gluing plastics, I often try to make a mechanical connection. For example drill a few holes in the plastic for the PL Premium to fill into and create a mechanical connection.
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    Modern Adhesives

    For wood, I'm with Jeff --- PL Premium. On your deck posts, did the adhesive fail, or did the wood that it was bonded to deteriorate ? I am figuring on the latter.
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    Is my basement okay?

    Can't tell from the pictures. Put a straight edge against it to check for bow. But if you stand in front of it and can't tell, it can't be bowed much, if at all.
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    Is my basement okay?

    No. You should get rid of that plastic dryer vent and use smooth rigid steel. Corrugated tubing will collect lint, the plastic will degrade and fail, and is a greater fire hazard. Doubt it is even code allowed.
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    Fiberglass vs Cellulose Loose Attic Insulation

    A common opinion is that blown cellulose if preferred to blown fiberglass, in an attic, because the cellulose will have less convection loop losses.
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    Safest way to cut this wood with table saw

    I find that running a board through the table saw leaves the cut edge straighter than the opposite edge. So if the "waviness" is not too bad, I run the board through with the straighter edge against the fence, and cut a "better" edge on the opposite side. Then turn the board around and put...
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    Safest way to cut this wood with table saw

    It can happen that one or more guards get in the way on a particular cut. When you finish that cut, put the guard back on. Its a very, very rare situation that the riving knife gets in the way.
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    Router table

    That looks like a decent entry level table. I expect you will find it very useful. I do 90% of my router work on the table, but I suppose it depends on the type of tasks you do. You can get much better tables and accessories (Google "Jessem Tool" ), but the one you show will do the job...
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    Safest way to cut this wood with table saw

    The safer way to cut that would would be to use all the proper saw safety guards. I thought the riving knife behind the blade was universal, and does not hinder the use of the saw. The anti-kickback pawls are good to have too. An overhead frame minimizes the chance of launching wood...
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    Replace the Entire Fixture?

    That's called integrated LED. Yep, you replace the whole fixture. But the box probably said its expected to last 20,000 hours or something like that. I guess they were wrong. I refuse to buy a fixture that does not have a replaceable bulb. And a bulb that is a standard, common size...
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    Equalizing temp in rooms

    Your thermostat likely has a switch for the fan that says "ON---OFF---AUTO." And it is likely set to AUTO. If you move it to ON, the fan will run continuously. That is the easiest way to improve heat balance. If you have a modern air handler with an ECM blower, the fan will likely run...
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    Bathroom exhaust fan not effective

    Sounds like great airflow. Your memory may be over-estimating how good it worked last year. You may also want to experiment how much to leave the door open. For every cubic foot of air that exits the bathroom, you need another cubic foot of air to enter the bathroom -- so if you close the...
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    Mold Around Perimeter Of Ceilings

    That would seem to indicate the wall is getting cold and then warm,humid interior air is condensing on the surface in the winter. My guess is that you tend to notice the build up in the spring. Either no insulation in the walls, or perhaps blown in insulation in the walls that has settled...
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    Ghosting issue on walls

    I really don't know what to make of those marks, but if you only put down one coat, I have never found that to be sufficient for good coverage. Even when using the best paints. Cheap paint will have less solids and not cover as well.
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    Large tile gap in shower

    Caulk is the correct method to seal between a tile wall and a tile floor. Keep in mind that if the existing caulk is silicone, nothing will stick to cured silicone, not even more silicone. So if you remove silicone caulk, you need to do an extremely thorough job of removing every last trace...
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    Help me salvage my garage roof

    I am with Sparky on this one. Flat roof is just a bad idea. But he probably scared you off with the price of example truss. But if you search Menards for 16' common residential truss, the prices are a lot more reasonable.