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    Sand around foundation

    So we purchased a house about 6 months ago. When I went down into the crawl space, it’s clear moisture has caused some issues with bowing with the joists. I will sister those. I’d say it’s a 30’ or so span, with one support in the middle. They look like 2X10. Anyway, this center support holding...
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    Purchased a new home with a gable roof. Half the ridge vent is blocked with old shingles, soffit vents covered with insulation, mold and fire wood.

    Hi all, I'm new here but I've been trying to find a bit of information about our new home. It's a ranch-style home, with a gable roof, with an attached garage, new metal roof ( before we purchased it). I crawled into the attic today and can see debris along the ridge vent line on the attic...