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    Outhouse Main Cable Size

    I’m a little confused by all this. When they build a house, the electricians don’t know what the potential load will be but they wire it anyway. Isn’t there a rule of thumb, like 5amps per outlet or something like that? I don’t know how big his band is but my band practiced in a room that only...
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    What did you do today?

    How old are you? I only want to know because maybe I’m too old too!
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    Ramp for stairs

    Is there a way to install a lift? https://www.aladdinlightlift.com/attic-lifts/
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    So, I bought a house....

    My wife and I recently (Aug 1st) moved from the West coast To a Lake in a Southern State. one major difference is the humidity is much greater here than we are used to. Also, Where we now live, any additions or changes to the boat dock or boat house have to be approved by the Tennessee Valley...
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    Leveling subfloor for hardwood

    good job!
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    Old house attic ventilation update

    We recently moved from Sacramento, California to Northern Alabama. In California, we had a whole house fan and it worked great. When the Delta Breeze came in around 5-6 o’clock every night, we could turn the A/C off, open a window or two (not too many) and turn on the fan to suck that cool Delta...
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    Hello from Home Owner, DIYer in Elk Grove, Ca.

    Hello from Home Owner, DIYer in Elk Grove, Ca.