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  1. hensensky

    slippery tile problems...

    Hey, guys! The tile floor in my foyer is pretty slippery, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good treatment I could use to fix it.
  2. hensensky

    Water stains on wood table

    My dining room table has water rings from people that don't use coasters! What is an easy way I could get rid of them? I have heard of mayonnaise and cigarette ashes??? Any advice?
  3. hensensky

    Fruit Flies are annoying!

    I've got some in my house from some old fruit. Help!?
  4. hensensky


    I have three potted tomato plants, two are small and short (thought they were dead for a few weeks) and growing tomatoes like wildfire. My third plant is huge and booming and healthy looking, but no buds on them! And no tomatoes whatsoever. I'm confused and worried. Any advice?
  5. hensensky

    Cleaning red stain

    It's not a stain in the house, but I figured you guys might have a little advice. I was eating a red popsicle, and it dripped on my khaki pants. I waited 10 minutes to start the stain removal. I have tried the clorox bleach pen, oxy clean, and some other solution. It has faded a lot, but it's...
  6. hensensky

    New and clueless

    New here! Enjoy talking to you guys soon.