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    Wet-Dry Vacuum Prefilter

    Anyone ever used one? Will it improve my filter life or make cleaning the 'true filter' easier?
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    Copper water supply failure at a tight spot...

    I have an 80 yo house and I currently have a leak in a copper elbow fitting - in red - that is adjacent to a Tee fitting that supplies the dishwasher. Question: How to mount the pex valves? Feel free to answer any questions that I've failed to identify as questions (tic). I plan to cutoff the...
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    Cast iron drain: is the pipe or the joint more likely to fail?

    I had to replace the trap in my basement floor drain. While I'm there I need to replace at least some portion of the cast iron pipe. Is a pipe or a joint more likely to fail? Or is it a toss-up? Should I leave an old joint or make effort to replace it? Since it is against a Y, I'd have to take...
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    Fence Post Twisted

    I'm installing a 6ft tall fence. I placed a double post (two pressure treated 4x4s) at the end of the fence row to provide a more stable mount for the gate. But the dual 4x4s twisted about 5 degrees from the bottom (which is perpendicular to the fence line) to the top (now at a 5 deg angle to...
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    6x6 posts to uneven concrete footing

    So my brother's deck wasn't near to meeting code. So I dug footings to code (40" below grade, 26x26") and told him to pour 13" of concrete with L- bolts where we wanted to place the posts so that we could attach via galvanized mounting brackets. However, the surface of the concrete is not...
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    Mold or ~efflorescence?

    My girlfriend just bought a house, 1950s construction in Pittsburgh, Pa. The slate roof had a leak that has been adressed by a specialist. What is on the ceiling, under the old leak? The home inspector told her that it was mold and that it could be toxic. I think that it could just be...
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    Anchor fence post to brick wall?

    I'm replacing a fence. The old fence posts were looser than <insert punchline here>. One of my gates is immediately adjacent to my house. Formerly the 'catch' post was adjacent to the house. I'm considering anchoring the new post to the house. I would anchor into bricks, not mortar...
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    Ripping cedar fence cap?

    I'm building a cedar shadow box fence and I plan to add a cap onto that fence. Cap will be a 2x6" cedar board. I am considering cutting 2x6" cedar boards lengthwise at a 5 deg angle on both edges of the topside to create a pitch that will encourage water to drain off the top of the fence cap...
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    Cedar Fences pickets, cedar post protection

    How do you protect cedar fence posts? I'm told that without protection, the posts only last ~10 yrs and I need to get more than that out of my fence... My lumber guy suggests a shadowbox pattern to reduce road noise from behind my fence. He also thinks that 2" pickets will reduce noise a lot...
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    Trex Fencing

    Does anyone have experience with the vertical Trex fencing? Does is look like real wood from a distance? Any input on whether it reduces noise?
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    Attic vermiculite is ~R14, desire R-49

    My brother's house in Pennsylvania has asbestos-free vermiculite in the attic rafters to ~7 inches, which translates to R-14. The recommended level is R-49. Thank you!
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    Security System

    I plan to install a security system. Does anyone have a favorite? I'm very interested in outdoor cameras. I feel that the activation is the most important aspect. I think that 1080p is a fine image.
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    Attic Insulation - Fiberglass roll vs spray vs foam

    I'm insulating a house in Pittsburgh (Rec attic R-49 to 60). The attic is currently devoid of insulation of any type. I want to: Seal the headers to reduce convective heat loss through the walls, ie chimney effect Insulate to R49+ In another house, I sealed headers with caulking and other...
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    Toilet Leak - Wax Ring Picture

    I installed a Todo Drake toilet over one year ago. Last week, it clogged when it didn't flush properly, so I re-flushed. That clog stayed in place despite my attempt at plunging and use of a 3ft closet auger. It sat during the day with a high water level while I was at work and it had...
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    Ground floor Ceiling duct to 2nd floor baseboard

    My house lacks proper ventilation to the 2nd floor. Instead of new ductwork, can I just install a duct high on the ground floor wall that runs upward 2-3 ft to the 2nd floor? I'd use sound dampening and a ventilation booster fan. Would this to help equalize my temperatures?
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    Is this toilet sweat?

    The attached photos show a water stain on a ceiling and the pealing paint that is directly over that stain and on the wall behind the toilet. Is the wall deteriorated by the toilet sweating? Or is there another problem? The valve itself doesn't seem to be leaking. This has been an ongoing...
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    Air Compressor Spewing Oil

    I started an air compressor and it started shooting oil onto my ceiling. I found that the oil fill plug had popped off and was lying beside the unit. I'm not sure if the oil came out of the filter, the fill plug or both... Can anyone tell me what the hell happened? It ran for all of 3...
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    Mounting existing drywall to vertical I-Beam

    I had someone hang drywall in my basement. They used screws for the studs but liquid nails to attach to 4" vertical I-Beams that support the walls next to a fireplace hearth. The drywall is now detached from the I-Beams... ~6 months after being hung. How can I reattach it? I am...
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    Bugs in wall, fall out of gap next to outlet box...

    I own a home from ~1940. One end has a chimney and a non-functional fireplace with the damper closed and a ceramic tile secured to the top of the chimney with caulking. Dead 'potato bugs' fall out of the small gaps around the outlets on either side of the chimney breast - note that I removed...
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    Remove and reinstall Box gutter?

    I've got a section of 4" gutter on a flat roof section - 14'x8' - The fascia board behind it is the original - from the 1940s. Would it be crazy to simply remove the gutter, set it onto the flat roof, replace the boards and reinstall it?