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    Main Water Line Pipe Question

    Hello, I live in Fort Worth, TX and my city uses the 2015 International Plumbing Code. My house's main water line used PB (polybutylene) pipe which has degraded and sprung a leak. The pipe runs under my driveway and after digging a small hole in my driveway and locating the leak I decided it...
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    Question about toilet flange

    Hello, I have a rusted toilet flange that currently sits below the finished tile floor by about a 1/2". The pipe is 3", and the old flange is glued to the outside of the pipe. There is a tile floor and a lot of space. I have a few questions about replacing this flange. I believe that using a...
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    Question about fireplace mantel

    I figured this would be the best place to ask. I just got an older home not sure on the year maybe around the 1970's or early 1980's. I was going to paint my fireplace but I also wanted to fix the mantel and paint it as well. So I got to work and ended up prying off a hollow wooden mantel off...
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    Painting brick fireplace, stain vs prime + paint

    Hello, I have been doing some research on this and I've got some mixed reviews. I've seen someone people recommend stain because it allows the brick to breathe but I haven't been too impressed with the color saturation of the brick with a stain. I've also seen people go with a masonry primer and...
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    Question about tiling a shower.

    Alright I have a few questions after finishing almost all the other work on my property about tiling my shower. I am using 12x24 inch tiles, ceramic, and I am not sure how to start the layout. Here is the first image showing the general layout of the shower and how big the tile is compared...
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    Question on height of foundation with sonotubes.

    I am planning on building a very small house with a wrap around porch. By small I mean 400 square feet. I am going to make it square with a hip roof, and hopefully a 4 foot wide wrap around porch. I would like to have the house raised off the ground 7 feet. Also I would like to make the walls...
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    Masterbathroom remodel help, video inside!

    Alright so since the layout was a little convoluted with pictures and I am looking for layout ideas, and how to also repair the house wrap from the inside, I made a video. I have stripped the bathroom down basically the bare bones, I haven't removed the mirrors yet since they are glued to the...
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    Master bathroom remodel, pictures inside!

    Hello everyone! I am currently remodeling a master bathroom and the bathroom that is on the opposite side of the master bathroom shower. Old vanity, old toilet, old mirror, old electrical, everything was old, I have gutted down to the studs and was looking for suggestions. This is a rental...