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    Drip irrigation design

    Need help with drip irrigation design for 5-6 recently planted trees. Hopefully the photo will post with this. Note: Lower right is closest spikot that runs from well with 1 inch pipe. Approx 50 ft to cement drive where I jetted a 1 inch pvc under. Trees are noted and space between. Thanks for...
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    Jetting under driveway

    anyone tried to jet a pvc pipe under a 16 ft driveway? Any problems with the jetting pvc pipe bending due to length. Would be interested in anyone’s experiences. Thanks.
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    Fencing-Property Line

    I have located corner rods and want to put 2-3 points on line. Will use 1/2 in iron rods also. Problem is that the property line is 800 ft long. I tried to string a line between posts but it dropped so much it was useless. When I tried to tighten it, it would break. I know I could get heavier...
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    Mold on outside soffit caulking

    Similar to bath question. Last year prior to painting I caused several places on outside soffit. I notice now that they have mold only on the caulked area. Any ideas?
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    Pressure Washer

    Have a gas pressure washer with Honda engine. Probable 12 yr old and used several times per year. Last time used it would be going fine and then start to Chile out and run out of pressure. If I released the trigger the pressure would build back up and run fine for 10 min or so and then do same...
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    Was removing some mulch from flower bed and came upon a 2 inch LB box burried about 3/4 in dirt. This box was used to make transition from outside panel to go under slab to house and panel. I know electrical code says not below grade, but have several questions: It is POSSIBLE that there is...
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    Question on wood weight

    Is there a way to approximate the weight of a mantel I plan to build? The mock up I built of pine weighs 16 lbs. I want to build the finished mantel out of either solid cherry or cherry ply. Based on weight of the pine mantel is there a way or formula to determine weight of one in solid cherry...
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    Mfg wood floor over concrete slab brick fireplace transition

    In the process of fireplace remodel. Installers of wood floor used quarter round to hide the gap where wood meets brick fp hearth. They mailed into the grout and almost all the nails failed. Is there another application available to me? I was thinking about picture framing it with a wider...
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    Attaching ledger to brick Fireplace

    I am installing a floating mantel to a brick fireplace. The mantel will be made of cherry and be approx 5 ft long, 6 inches thick and 7 inches deep. It will be open in back to accept the ledger. Question: how is the best way to attach a 2 x 4 ledger to the fireplace brick?
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    Vinyl window repair

    House purchased several years ago with replacement vinyl windows. Several problems: Can't determine mfg. Tilt latch broken on one All need replacement weatherstripping on bottom on window. It is a bulb type with t slot. Any suggestion how I can rehab this window?
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    Fill in Swimming pool

    Anyone here ever fill in an in ground swimming pool. this one is approx 18 by 36 3 to 7 ft deep. Concrete apron around the perimiter. I am told the liner pools have metal forms on sides and sand bottoms. No permit needed from county and no restrictions as to what is buried.. Reason: Wife and I...
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    Electric Water Heaters

    Several questions: In the house I am buying there is an old water heater in the attic. New one was installed and old one will not slide around it to be removed. Other than the obvious solution of making the seller remove it before we close, how hard is it to cut it in half and remove. I...
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    Porch Column Rot

    First post so be easy on me. I will be closing on a house in several weeks which has some problems I will deal with. One is that the porch columns (4) are rotting on the bottom. Not sure how high up or how deep it goes, but an awl will go in about 3 inches. The house is 25 yr old and columns...
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    Hello to all. I stumbled on this forum while looking for info about replacing wood porch columns on concrete porch. Will post more on info on the project later. Tom