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  1. Sparky617

    Which is the best refrigerator?

    The thing I really dislike about SxS, and I've had two of them, is the narrowness of them. Not the pizza box issue, but in the fridge section stuff is always behind something that you have to move to get at. Not a problem with the bottom freezer models. At my first house I bought a French...
  2. Sparky617

    How does one safely do even the most basic of renovations in a house full of lead?

    Best thing to do is encapsulate it with new paint. Use a liquid sanding product to degloss the paint surface instead of sanding. As long as the paint isn't flaking off and your child isn't chewing on it the paint isn't a problem if left undisturbed. As with asbestos, most applications left...
  3. Sparky617

    Stairs above stair

    So the stair stringers in the picture were covered by a drywall box, you don't have stairs here, since they don't seem to lead anywhere but to your pantry shelf. If my understanding is correct you could make the steps into shelves. Without knowing the headroom on the basement stairs I can't say...
  4. Sparky617

    Just bought my first house. One room has fiberboard walls - can/should we replace?

    I was thinking wallpaper underliner as well. It wouldn't hurt to buy a roll and try it out, at worst you'll be out $20 and an hour of time...
  5. Sparky617

    Staggered stairs

    You might want to consider adding benches on the landings. If they are there for elderly family members to take a break, might as well give them a place to sit-a-spell.
  6. Sparky617

    Skimcoat vs New Drywall vs 1/4" Drywall over existing walls

    When my parents retired they moved into a 1900 era brick house, three of the walls were solid masonry construction with a double layer of bricks covered with furring strips, wood lath, and horsehair plaster. We proceeded to gut it one section at a time starting with the kitchen and dining room...
  7. Sparky617

    Fence post question

    Trex makes some. https://www.trexfencingfds.com/products/trex-posts/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAoab_BRCxARIsANMx4S6rQgy6zMduAl24z1KkexsrfgSqU1K8tWCLeJS9Me4JOdzJ1LfnLYEaAm44EALw_wcB
  8. Sparky617

    Where the floor meets the wall!

    You could also use foam backer rod. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Sika-0-75-in-x-20-ft-Backer-Rod/999977076
  9. Sparky617

    Home value when selling to a developer

    Given your location your house is pretty valuable to the developer and apparently the town. They value is higher than just the land it occupies though that is all they really want. They need to make you a fair market value offer for the house. Getting comps and an appraisal on the house would...
  10. Sparky617

    Condesation on windows

    Also make sure you use your bathroom fans while showering and exhaust fan in the kitchen when cooking, especially frying and boiling water.
  11. Sparky617

    Home value when selling to a developer

    When you start by tearing down a house the developer has to build more expensive homes on the property. He has to make money on the deal or it isn't worth doing. Here properties in Downtown Cary are getting snatched up and replaced by homes that are 3x-4x the price of what was there. If they...
  12. Sparky617

    Worth Insulating or waste of $

    The paper is coated with tar, that is what makes it a vapor barrier. The paper itself isn't much of a barrier. The tar also adheres the fiberglass to the paper.
  13. Sparky617

    Condesation on windows

    You might want to try this test to see if you're getting water vapor into the house from the basement. Tape a piece of aluminum foil or plastic to the wall in several places. Taping all 4 sides, do the same on the floor in several places. If after a few days you have water condensed between...
  14. Sparky617

    Outhouse Main Cable Size

    I assume you mean 100 amp, 100 watts wouldn't be enough for a couple of light bulbs.
  15. Sparky617

    Condesation on windows

    You may have mentioned it in another post, but given the age what is your foundation? Do you have a basement? Is it dry? What are the walls and floor made of? At 90 years old a rubble-stone foundation wouldn't be unusual same with a dirt floor. A lot of moisture can come up into the house...
  16. Sparky617

    What do y'all think of LEED standards?

    Improving energy efficiency is a good thing. Moving from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, higher efficiency appliances, better HVAC systems all contribute to less demand for new power plants as our population continues to grow. Cars today are more powerful, longer lasting, more efficient, safer...
  17. Sparky617

    Too much time on hands!

    My latest project. We are in the final stages of renovating the music room at church. It had risers that were never really used as the choir practices in the sanctuary. So we took out the steel framed risers (welded in place, with way too many powder driven anchors into the concrete floor)...
  18. Sparky617

    Plastic vapor barrier for detached garage in PNW?

    With your truss roof system storage is going to be very limited in your attic. The trusses are designed to handle the roof load, not a floor load. If you want to insulate the roof deck, I'd look at poly-iso spray foam. It doesn't need covered with drywall and has an R8 value per inch.
  19. Sparky617

    Worth Insulating or waste of $

    If it were mine, I'd insulate the walls, add a pull down stair to the attic to improve access. Then I'd insulate and drywall the ceiling. I might do it in stages, so if you're going to drywall the walls, I'd go ahead and insulate it now. It really won't make a difference in the keeping it...
  20. Sparky617

    Worth Insulating or waste of $

    Without insulating the ceiling you're wasting your time and money. Most of your heat loss will be through the roof since heat rises. I insulated my unheated, attached garage and find it does help moderate the temperatures a bit. I could throw a small space heater in it if I was working out...