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    Sill plate rotted on foundation?

    Hello, so I gutted a spare room to turn into a bedroom. Was gonna put down pergo. Pulled the carpet and trim. Realized that the wood at the bottom of the wall framing is rotted pretty bad. What do I do?
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    Subfloor is messed up

    Hello, I started gutting a spare room to turn into a bedroom. The plan was to put down pergo. I started pulling the carpet and assumed it was on a slab. It looks like some sort of tile? Asbestos? Idk. Anyways at some point the floor looks to have heaved and there is a crack running the length...
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    Can i refinish these terrible floors?

    I pulled my carpet and my floors are really bad. Embarrassingly bad. I have 2 dogs, 5 kids (including 2 year old twins) and 3 cats. If I can get away with refinishing myself I'd rather do that then spend big money on a new wood floor that's gonna get beat up within a couple years by my zoo. I've...
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    What is a fair price on drywall?

    Hi, My living room is around 500sqft. It has acoustic cieling tiles that I would like removed and drywall put up. Above the cieling tiles are furring strips, then another layer of older cieling tiles that I'm guessing are asbestos. The house was made in 1945. I'm just looking to have the first...
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    Well point clogged?

    So I'm on a shallow jet well, it's not uncommon in my neighborhood, however, most people are now on city water. Water pressure has never been great in the 11 years I've owned the home but this summer it's gotten worse. The filling time on the tank is slow, if I run the hose I get 30 seconds of...
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    Garage floor drain

    I'm a legal medical grower, my grow is in my garage. I run an RO system that makes a lot of waste, in the summer I just pump it outdoors, but in the winter sometimes the line freezes. I also have drain lines from the dehumidifier and the plant runoff. All n all probably draining 50-100 gallons...
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    Wire has 2 gauges listed?

    This is the cable feeding my 100amp sub-panel. I am going to upgrade to 125 amps so i am guessing i will need to run a new feeder from the main panel. Im just curious why this cable says both #2awg and #4awg?
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    How much to refinish cabinets?

    So i had an estimator from Home Depot over today to give me an estimate on new kitchen cabinet doors, sanding and painting the faces of the cabinets, installing new knobs/hardware, fixing the lazy susan...basically giving the cabinets a makeover. He said i have 45 linear feet of cabinets, i dont...
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    Tapping dryer plug for grow room

    Weird question: Im setting up a legal growroom in my basement. I have a 220v lighting controller that will supply juice to my 6x600w lamps. I dont want to add a circuit and i recently converted to a gas dryer, therefore my 30amp 220v 3 prong dryer outlet is unused. What i want to do is plug in...
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    Losing water pressure

    Hello, My home is on a well. I've lived here for 10 years and haven't had any water issues. Recently I started losing almost all water pressure regardless of location, whenever another tap was opened. The water flow is reduced to a trickle. I talked to the plumber at the plumbing store and he...