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  1. Sparky617

    Canadian Construction Question - measurements

    I see a number of Canadian HGTV produced shows here in the states and I know our friends to the north use the metric system. But on these shows the host/builder will usually talk in feet and inches for measurements. Given the proximity to the US and our shared manufactures of building supplies...
  2. Sparky617

    Ryobi Batteries - Off-Brand

    Has anyone tried these for Ryobi 18V tools? My current batch of batteries are no longer holding a charge for very long. These are way cheaper than Ryobi's but I'd love to hear if anyone has tried them. My primary driver and drill are Dewalts, but I have a large selection of Ryobi 18V tools...
  3. Sparky617

    Cutting Metal Studs - demolition

    I'm doing a little demolition work at our church removing some permanent risers in the choir practice room. They don't practice in there and removing the risers will make the room more useful for other things. So last week we removed the plywood flooring and the 2x6 steel studs used for the...
  4. Sparky617

    The A-word

    My wife is a real estate agent. One of her fellow agents has a listing that went under contract, ranch house built in the mid-1960s. It has popcorn ceilings (ugh) with 3% asbestos per the home inspector and the drywall compound on the walls has 2% asbestos. Thoughts on abatement? My thought...
  5. Sparky617

    Drywall clean-up on aisle 3

    On Saturday I led a team of volunteers from our church to do some drywall work on a home that was damaged during Hurricane Florence last year. The house had been completely gutted to the studs, rewired, replumbed, insulated and most of the drywall reinstalled. All but the electrical has been...
  6. Sparky617

    Go to routine drain maintenance?

    I had to clean out the drains to my master bedroom dual sink vanity over the weekend. My wife's side was slow. Mine was OK. As per typical, it was sludge build up on the tailpipe and after the trap. The trap itself was clean. I started with baking soda and vinegar followed with boiling...
  7. Sparky617

    Hurricane Prep Tip Thread

    As I begin to stare down Flo hitting us this weekend here is a place to post your tips on preparing for a hurricane. We're about 100 miles inland just west of Raleigh NC. Looks like Flo is coming to town and going to dump a boatload of rain. We should be OK flood-wise, our house is 100 feet...
  8. Sparky617

    Bosch 1199 VSR Hammerdrill - quit

    I have a Bosch 1199 VSR Hammerdrill that died between uses this month. I've checked the switch and I'm getting power through it. I suppose the next most likely culprit would be the brushes. Is there a way to test those? When I put the trigger I don't get even a twitch out of it...
  9. Sparky617

    Metered Concrete Delivery Companies - A Google Rant

    So, we're doing a bathroom renovation at our church to convert the original 1967 bathrooms into ADA compliant, handicapped accessible bathrooms with showers. No small task given the size of the room, but we made it through the permit process and the demolition is complete! The plumber came in...
  10. Sparky617

    My latest project

    I've been searching for a new desk for the home office without much success. I wanted something that could handle multiple monitors for my work PC and home PC. Commercially made ones tended to be particle board with a thin laminate covering. They're kind of OK until you go to move them. So...
  11. Sparky617

    New Footing Method

    I was watching This Old House the other day and they were using a new footing that didn't require digging down below the frost line in Mass, where it is typically 48". It is on the video at the link at around 5 minutes. https://www.thisoldhouse.com/watch/newton-gennext-all-decked-out Around...
  12. Sparky617

    Are you just blowing smoke up my a--?

    Who knew this was really a thing? :) http://all-that-is-interesting.com/tobacco-smoke-enema http://all-that-is-interesting.com/tobacco-smoke-enema
  13. Sparky617

    Window Size Question

    When measuring doors you'd say a 2/0 door for a 24" or 2' wide door. This measures the size of the door, not the opening. For windows, what would a 2/0 window be? The size of the sash or the size of the window as measured where? My wife is working with a client's builder and he said he'd put...
  14. Sparky617

    My weekend

    So Saturday I do a bike ride and put one of the bikes away in the basement next to the water heater. Life is good. I decide to do some yard work, cut the grass, trim some bushes the usual homeowner stuff. After cutting the grass I go back by the water heater to get my rake to clean up the...
  15. Sparky617

    Delta two handle faucet - drip, drip, drip

    My Delta two handle faucet started leaking last week. So I installed new faucet seats and springs in both the hot and cold side. They were getting a little crusty, and would make your fingers/hands black as you handled them. The hot side is fine now, it was initially the one that was...
  16. Sparky617

    Ah, summer - time to garden - crikey!

    I took a short break to go out and water my vegetables and pull a couple of weeds in the front flower bed this morning. As I'm pulling weeds in the liriope plants I spy out of the corner of my eye a copperhead about 3 inches away from my bare hand. Fortunately, he was heading away from to a...
  17. Sparky617

    Posts not being added without moderator approval?

    I've posted a couple of replies today and they both went to limbo waiting for the moderator to approve. I've never had that happen before. Am I in time out for some sin I committed on the boards?
  18. Sparky617

    Treadmill Repair

    I have a Treadmill and the particle board under the walking/running belt has cracked down the middle. I guess it couldn't take the pounding of 195lbs of me running on it. I'm looking to replace the particle board. It is 5/8" thick covered in melamine. I'm thinking of going to 3/4" plywood...
  19. Sparky617

    Hanging Sheetrock Question

    When you hang sheetrock on a wall horizontally do you start with the bottom piece or the top piece? We were doing some volunteer work in Appalachia this weekend. The house had the finished laminate floor in so the walls were just shy of 8' tall. I was installing the top sheet first. The...
  20. Sparky617


    Just joined, elbo referred me here. Regular poster at HGTV and DIYNETWORK now that HGTV is shutting down their boards I need a new hangout for wasting time. I posted as Sparky at HGTV and Sparky617 at DIY.