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    Replace the Entire Fixture?

    I'm glad the LED have worked well for you!. I've used them other places and have been happy, but they have mostly been LED bulbs. But having to replace two fixtures instead of one bulb definitely turned me off integrated LED
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    Replace the Entire Fixture?

    Yeah I was pretty annoyed to find that it was not a replaceable bulb. The builder also did it to me in the recessed lights. They are at least ready for a bulb but are currently wired in plastic LEDs.
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    Replace the Entire Fixture?

    Great thanks! I had a feeling I had to replace it. I've just had a hard time finding the same one and it's twin sinks so I'll have to replace both of I can't find it. I like what you're thinking, I think I will try it repair it as a project/challenge!
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    Replace the Entire Fixture?

    Hi, I purchased a rehabbed home a little over a year ago and one of my bathroom sink vanity lights went out. I attempted to open it up and replace the bulb to find that it's LED and seems to be hard wired. Do I have to buy an entire new fixture or can I replace the lights? Thanks
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    Skunk or Burning Rubber Smell

    Hi, I need some help figuring out a confusing problem. We bought our house a year ago and have skunks nearby. Just recently in the last 2 months when it was nice out we woke up to the smell of skunk in our house, though I was wondering if it was burnt rubber my wife says it's definitely skunk...