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  1. EricK

    Matching aged color of wood ceiling

    I removed a track light from the ceiling in our "new" home in order to install a smaller light. The ceiling is tongue and groove unfinished wood. As you can see from the picture the part of the ceiling that was covered by the track light has not discolored like the rest of it. Any tips on...
  2. EricK

    Removing Handle From Bathroom Faucet

    I'm looking for some good advice on removing a handle from a bathroom faucet. Typically, you just need to remove the set screw with an allen wrench and the handle pops off the valve. I've run into a few faucets that have dripped and the water evaporating on the set screw has cause the screw to...
  3. EricK

    Cardboard Vent Opinions

    I thought the post title might capture some attention. I work as a handyman and a couple asked me to straighten out the chimney portion of their range hood vent. When I looked inside I saw the contractor they hired used a piece of cardboard to direct the exhaust out the back, exterior wall. He...