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    Subfloor question...

    I am replacing dining room floor, from the floor joists up. I have placed 6 mil plastic on the ground. I would like to recycle about 600 sq. Ft of 3/4” x 2-1/2” oak and maple hardwood flooring as the subfloor, since that is what I have available. I will be placing 30# felt over this subfloor...
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    Proper wall insulation question.

    Exterior walls in an upstairs living space over a garage. Vinyl siding exterior, 1/2" green foam board, 7/16" OSB, are the layers from exterior inward. What would be the proper insulation for the 2x4 walls? Can't afford spray foam. Would like to use Roxul, but our big box stores claim it is...
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    Cast iron stand....what is it?

    I was given this cast iron stand by a friend who was disposing of some stuff on the farm. Anyone tell me what it is, and it's use. It looks like there is also supposed to be another "something" on the very top (see last two pics). There's a big nut on the underside of the top. I plan to use it...
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    Saw question: What is it, and its use?

    I've found this saw in amongst my tool stash, and I (came from my late father's tools)'m not sure what it is used for. Anyone? Thanks, David.
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    Type of bit to use...ceramic floor tile?

    I am needing to cut some floor tile. I have about 10-12 cuts to make border pieces about 1-1/2" - 2" in width. The tile description and tool are in the pictures. What is your recommendation on a bit to use for this operation. Thanks in advance. David.
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    Insulation requirements for addition/ garage.

    I'm trying to go forward and complete an addition begun by the property's previous owner, and have a few questions concerning insulation of spaces. First question: The upper floor exterior walls are of 2x4 construction, 7/16 OSB sheathing, and 1/2" green foamboard (shiplap) caulked at each...