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    Cleaning thinset/grout off tools.

    So did some tiling over the weekend and I made a stupid assumption that thinset dries by evaporation. So as I was tired after a long days work I put my dirty tools in a bucket of water and came back the next day to clean them. Hardened completely. Any tips on cleaning this stuff off the tools...
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    Think I might have mice. Please help.

    Its 4am. From my finished basement I just heard squeeks and rustling in the joists above me. I haven't seen any signs other than that. I don't know what to do. Should I call a professional in the morning or is this something I can take care of? I live in Canada and it's been very cold the...
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    How to get a 10mm without a 10mm drill bit.

    This has been driving me crazy. I bought an IKEA stainless steel sink without a pre-drilled faucet hole. I then bought a tool from IKEA in order to make the faucet hole but it requires a 10mm drill bit. I drilled a 3/8 hole thinking it would be close enough but it's just too small. I've been...
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    Filling gaps in a table

    This weekend I built a very simple table. See pic. I didn't use the best joining method however and the wood I bought at HD was a bit warped. There are two small gaps at one end (about 1/16in). I was planned on just leaving it but if I can I would like to get rid of them. I've already sanded...
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    Cutting stone pavers

    Started a new project this weekend putting in a brick border around my driveway. At the bottom of my driveway it curves outward so I need to cut the 12x12x2 paver stones to match the driveway's shape. See pic. What's the best way to do this? I'd prefer not buying another tool, but don't mind...
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    Indoor motion detector light?

    Looking to pick one up the doesn't require a switch but just turns when it detects motion and when dark. Went to home depot to pick one up but they only sold outdoor ones. Does anyone know where I could pick one up that could be used indoors? Or an outdoor one that I could use indoors? The...
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    Cutting tile baseboard on wall?

    I am installing a new vanity in my bathroom but it's slightly larger than the previous one and hits the tile base board on the wall. I need to trim about 5 inches off this baseboard so I can put the vanity flush with the wall. Just have no idea how. Any suggestions?
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    Can I install this vanity upside down?

    This could come off as a dumb question. I have a vanity light that if I could install inverted would make my bathroom design a lot easier. However there's a sticker on the inside of the light that says "this way up". Does this need to be strictly followed? I don't understand why there would be...
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    Need suggestions for basement flooring.

    I'm looking to switch up some flooring in my basement in a hallway and basement kitchen ~240sqft. I'm looking for a cheaper diy solution. I would like tile looking floor but real tile isn't required. I've been researching forever on this topic, but flooring seems to be the most controversial...
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    Does a 240v dryer plug need to be GFCI?

    My laundry room right now is setup with the washer beside the dryer and then a laundry sink beside the dryer. I've been researching whether this is a problem having a sink close to a 240v outlet but can't find anything that says this is against code. The only thing I've found is that 120v...
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    Cutting a Laminate Countertop

    I have a laminate countertop I need to be cut for my bathroom vanity. I obviously need to cut this straight and without burrs. I tried using a jigsaw with painters tape but it didn't turn out that well (rough edges). Any suggestions for doing this better? Skill saw? Different tape? Thanks.
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    How do I know if my basement is insulated?

    I bought a house with a finished basement. Its always cold there. And gets colder the further away from the furnace. Before I start any attempt to fix it I want to know if the problem is the low or lack of insulation. Is there a way to know this without ripping down the drywall?
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    Plywood for Bathroom Walls and Floor

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a fixer upper house and have gutted the bathroom to the studs. I have a friend who is helping me build up a new one. He is a very intelligent guy and knows a ton about home renovations but he is insisting to put 1/2" plywood panels around the tub enclosure...