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  1. CallMeVilla

    Why Do The Lights Dim?

    Code requires lighting and receptacles to be on separate circuits. That way a load (iron) on a receptacle does not draw from your lights. Your house might not have that split. Older houses do have dimming problems because of the load sharing. First, check the connections and breakers...
  2. CallMeVilla

    Looking for creative solutions to the hole in my floor

    Check thickness of your flooring. It might not match the plywood and create a tripping hazard. If so, try Home Depot for a broken box of laminate you can get for cheap. Throw that down as Snoonyb suggests
  3. CallMeVilla

    Possible leaky wax ring

    Have seen downstairs water stain from drippage at the angle stop. Check your toilet supply line and shut off. If the house was very old, rusted or loosened plumbing under the toilet would be a source too. Start with the simple and work to the complex.
  4. CallMeVilla

    Owner of a grumpy old house

    No question too silly or too difficult. Pictures are really helpful or else Bud gets mad. He is old and grumpy too. :)
  5. CallMeVilla

    Water Filter to ice maker

    Ice maker filters typically have limited gallons which are less than what you would expect from a cold water tap, somewhere in the 200-300 gallons before replacement.
  6. CallMeVilla

    What did you do today?

    Replacing all outlets and switches in a 2 story major remodel. Coordinating with tile guy and cabinet guy on their problems. Knocked off at 3:00 because its freakin' hot in Southern California
  7. CallMeVilla

    Best way to remove paint from tile and cabinets?

    Tile is easy. Assuming it was latex paint, use a single edged razor blade and pour small amounts of acetone on the spots. The paint will dissolve and come up. However, acetone is a strong solvent, so use gloves unless you want your skin to absorb it into your body (NO). The cabinets are a...
  8. CallMeVilla

    My Shelf Came Off of the Wall... Sort of.

    Drywall is not structural. Too much weight on the anchors and they will pull out. SUCKS, right? The brackets shot into the studs probably did not pull out. You're facing a complete removal, wall patch/repaint, then going for it again. First, pick up as many studs as you can. Second, use at...
  9. CallMeVilla

    Is this some sort of backsplash?? What will be under it??

    That is most probably FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). It is an inexpensive, water proof sheet which is glued to the wall. The edges are capped with specialized trim. It is commonly found in commercial applications such as restaurants. Rare in residential. If you remove it, the wall...
  10. CallMeVilla

    Splits/Crack on 6x6 PT support posts - cause of concern ?

    You can "wrap" the posts with 1'x6' wood to conceal the checking. It will look a lot better! Safety is no concern.
  11. CallMeVilla

    Water in toilet goes down when its not suppose too.

    I work with disabled veterans, some of whom are not mentally balanced. One guy was mad as hell because his toilet would not flush. Go the plumber snake guy on the roof and did the water jet thing .... no help. Resorted to the auger, which hit a weird obstruction about 20 feet along the line...
  12. CallMeVilla

    What is the proper tool to make long cuts?

    Get a portable table saw. A used on is inexpensive and will do the job. Build an outfeed table or roller setup. It will surprise you with accuracy and capacity. Just make sure your rip fence is carefully aligned.
  13. CallMeVilla

    low water pressure issue

    Start with an inexpensive water pressure gauge. Attach it to your exterior hose bib (faucet) which is typically direct water from the main. Leave it there and note the pressure. Next, the Pressure Regulator valve can be adjusted to increase (possibly) the flow into your house. Locate the...
  14. CallMeVilla

    Installing Florescent Lights Between Joists in Basement

    If you insist on protecting the conductors, use MC. It is flexible, meets code, much faster than conduit, can be installed neatly. The conductor clamps are comparably priced to EMT clamps. MAKE SURE you use anti-short inserts ("red heads") in the connectors to protect the conductors from the...
  15. CallMeVilla

    Bubbling toilet

    This might be a coincidence and the trouble is in your toilet only. I would check the toilet at other times, then do the same sink draining to see if the bubble come back. It could be as simple as a worn flush mechanism in your toilet ... cheap and easy to fix.
  16. CallMeVilla

    How to fix a clogged garbage disposal?

    You already have obvious leakage. I would remove and replace. Then follow some basic rules: 1. Never use your garbage disposal ... ever. They are worthless 2. Never put eggs shells into them 3. Never put starchy food like rice, pasta, potato peelings, oatmeal, etc into them 4...
  17. CallMeVilla

    Delta faucet frustration

    Uh ... my experience with Delta has always been excellent. This just seems odd
  18. CallMeVilla

    Options to Insulate Cold Bedroom Above Garage

    Have you considered closed cell sprayed foam insulation? You get complete coverage and depth which is superior in R value to insulation batts. Why use rigid and batts when you can simply fill the entire joist bay with foam. Look at the charts from this web site showing R-value of materials...
  19. CallMeVilla

    How to remove broken and stuck faucet handles?

    Yes, the puller should do it. However, the built up corrosion might make it harder to remove it. Since you probably don't own a torch, your next best bet is penetrating oil. Saturate the top of the handle and tap it for a while. Let sit and repeat. Do this then try in a few hours. Apply...