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    How to replace the floor of a small bathroom?

    The bathroom floor has something looks like cement under the old tile, please see the attached. After removing the tiles, how much do I have to remove the cement, 1" or 2"? Do I have to use cement again or mortar? Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    Is it possible to take apart and clean up stain in a glass sliding door?

    Hello guys, I have a couple of glass sliding doors, one in the family room and the other in the walk-out basement. They are double-pane doors. But the moisture sneaked in between the panes and left stain on the inside of the glass. I can see the rubber seal on the frame is kind of stiff and...
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    How to fix a tub drain with stripped thread?

    Hello folks, Happy New Year! I tried to replace the tub drain in one of my bathrooms since leaking resulted in damage on a part of the first floor ceiling. But as I placed the drain gasket under the tub and re-installed the drain, I stripped the thread of drain pine, which cannot make the...
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    AC fan is on but no cold air coming out

    Hi, I got a old model central AC (brand is York). It's been working fine until a couple days ago. As I turn it on, the noise is not as loud as before. It feels like the blower in my attic is not working. I checked the compressor unit outside the house, the compressor sweats a lot; the...
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    How to repair the loose tiles in my kitchen?

    Hi, I'm new here. The house I bought was built in 1979. The kitchen has a tile floor. But not the regular tile. It has about thousands of small pieces of tiles put together like kids' puzzle board. The spots of high traffic have loose tiles. I bought a bag of Flexbound from Home Depot. As...