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  1. CallMeVilla

    Buried angle stop

    Working a leak damaged house. The upstairs toilet leaked down to the office ceiling on the first floor. Yes, killed the drywall and left mold. So, the toilet came out and a new wax ring solved the obvious leakage .... Obvious? Seems the angle stop (original construction) was dripping...
  2. CallMeVilla

    Drill into 11,000 V line

    Yes, these guys walked away but who can say WHY? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-p_BXknyn4 :clap:
  3. CallMeVilla

    Incredible Joinery technique

    You really have to see this to appreciate it .... http://woodworkingcrazy.net/index.php/2015/12/05/one-of-the-most-satisfying-ways-ive-ever-seen-two-boards-being-joined-together-2/ WOW
  4. CallMeVilla

    Tap a new Circuit

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this approach to creating a new circuit?
  5. CallMeVilla

    Fixing deck/roof pond

    Curious how anyone approaches fixing a deck or flat roof sag which has caused a collecting point for rain? This is a repair where the owner does not want to rip off the existing. I have a process I have used which is four steps. Apply sealer, float self-leveling cement, re-seal, coat with...
  6. CallMeVilla

    Removing effloresence

    Got a large red brick patio near the beach. It has growing patches of white powdery effloresence (sp). I have tried a relatively strong solution including phosphoric acid and scrubbing ... no help. What is the best method for removing these white patches?
  7. CallMeVilla

    Construction FAIL

    These are great fun for a laugh .... Share yours
  8. CallMeVilla

    Replacing Structural Post

    I enjoy posing problems for our community to solve. Sometime, these could be helpful object lessons ... Large yard re-do, including new high end wood deck, pavers, grass, bbq area, new landscape irrigation ... you get the idea. Deck is partly under a covering deck on the 2nd story...
  9. CallMeVilla

    Installing Sub-Meter

    This one is a problem .... how would you solve it? Picture a main house with a detached garage which has an apartment on top. The two structures are connected by a second story archway so the apartment shower shares the main house bathroom wall on the 2nd floor. The owners want a...
  10. CallMeVilla

    3 wire versus 4 wire?

    The debate is on! The existing 220VAC outlet , 3 wire (twist lock) does not conform to the 4 wire (straight blade) plug on the new equipment. One guy says there is a pigtail adapter. One guy says NO WAY ! I say we need to re-wire from 3 wire to 4 wire (same amps). What say you?
  11. CallMeVilla

    Flat Roof Birdbath

    Would like some feedback ... small 2nd story deck is coated with some kind of elastomeric. Unfortunately, a birdbath developed prior to the coating and the "repair" crew just coated over it. Thus, owners have to squeegee the water into the scupper to prevent subfloor damage. 1. Can the...
  12. CallMeVilla

    Bath tub Refinishing

    Had reason to try the Rustoleum Bath and Tile Refinishing Kit. Their video advised using a high density foam roller and foam brush to get into seams and corners. Has anyone here tried to do this ?? Got a lot of guys asking me ...
  13. CallMeVilla

    Door Height too Short

    OK guys ... Here is the challenge ... Standard doors come 80" tall. In this case, the finished opening is 24" x 77" so trimming is in order. This is an exterior, hollow core slab door clad with Masonite and Type 2 (exterior grade) glue. Yes, it will be heavily primed and painted. BUT ...
  14. CallMeVilla

    Chinese on web site

    Am I the only one who has a couple of blocks of Chinese on the HouseRepairTalk web site page? WHY is it there and WHAT does it say? "Use more Bamboo"? "Buy Chinese tools"? "Visit China soon"? Just wondering ...
  15. CallMeVilla

    Stopping Water to Solder

    OK, so how many of us have been in a situation where you had to sweat a fitting but there was pipe water messing up the solder? "Use bread" "Blow it out with a flexible hose then solder fast!" Nope. Here is the tool that is so slick, you will want their kit. It allows you to seal the...
  16. CallMeVilla

    Neutral Double Tap

    Oh boy has the debate been raging ... Got talking over beers with electricians about "things we've seen." Here is the question: To add circuits, can you double stab the neutral/ground bus when it is full? "NEC versus field" was part of the discussion. What do you say?
  17. CallMeVilla

    Remarkable wood design

    On my Summer job in Charleston, I saw this astonishing treatment for a round bump out. It remains my favorite of all the remarkable architecture I saw. What is your favorite? Post pics ...
  18. CallMeVilla

    Evicting Possum

    So, there was a sudden appearance of droppings and fleas on the large deck. Driving everybody crazy. We figured that a possum had found a way under the deck (mostly enclosed with an apron. The critter was coming out at night to forage the bar-b-que leavings, poop and then retire for the day...
  19. CallMeVilla

    Framing Bathroom Mirror

    Has anyone framed one of those large plate bathroom mirrors? There is an online source but I thought I'd look at DIY ... This their video ... guess we have to decide cost/benefit for DIY. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJzw94VBqvI
  20. CallMeVilla

    ANDY - Weird Al Video

    This is sooooo crazy! Those of us who fix everything can get a laugh !!! https://screen.yahoo.com/popular/weird-al-yankovic-handy-parody-133702425.html