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    New Water Heater delivers cool water after 2 minutes

    If you comfortable around electricity you could also measure the current the heater is drawing. If it is not drawing the rated amps when the water is coming out cold then you will know it's an electrical problem. You will need an amp clamp. They are actually quite affordable from places like...
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    Considerations when painting joists & bottom of underlayment in unfinished ceilings

    I painted the ceiling of an exposed joist and OSB ceiling in our stained glass shop. I used a Wagner sprayer similar to the Control Pro 150 or the Graco. It worked well and in the right situation I'd do it again.
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    closed cell foam insulation?

    I’ve spent literally days trying to understand the best way to insulate my 115 year old building. Its is a much colder and more humid climate than yours. I think that you did this the right way. Thanks for posting.
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    What do y'all think of LEED standards?

    LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED doesn't only apply to energy efficiency in the building. It also applies to the products that go into the building and the energy required to get those products to the job site and the energy required to dispose of the...
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    Worth Insulating or waste of $

    its Amazing how much heat is lost due to leakage. I build the shop in Alberta and when calculating the value of more insulation I learned that the windows and leakage were now the major factor in heating costs. I really worked on the vapor barrier and minimized the size of the windows. The...
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    Worth Insulating or waste of $

    You can search the web and find a heat loss calculator. Using that you can find out how much heat is being lost by the uninsulated walls and roof. You will then find out that every piece of insulation helps. The calculator will require you to enter the heating degree days for your location...
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    Outhouse Main Cable Size

    It might make more sense to put your sound stage on it's own power meter.
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    Leveling subfloor for hardwood

    It's looking good. I can appreciate what you are doing as I recently did the whole floor of a 115-year-old church. All the beams and joists were rotten.
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    Pump to lift 20 feet

    You can find the flow rates for many pumps on the manufacturer's website. I looked up a 1/2hp pump and the flow rate at 630 gallons per hour at 20'. You can also buy float switches at Princess Auto that will shut the pump off when the barrel is full. However, at 10 gallons a minute it won't...
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    Pump to lift 20 feet

    If this is for the long term then a jet pump might make more sense. However they are a little heavier and will need to be protected from rain. If it was me then I’d try the utility pump as it cheap and easy.
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    Pump to lift 20 feet

    A $88.00 1/4hp utility pump from Home Depot.ca will lift 25’. The 1/2hp pump can lift 27’ for $118.00. a cheap jet pump from Princess Auto will cost you about $320.00 plus the hoses. The idea with these pumps is to have the pump close to the water as it’s easier to push water then it is to...
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    A brief introduction

    Hi, I found this group and many of the posts relate to my current project. I recently bought a 115 year old building that was a church. It’s 850 square feet and has been basically abandoned for the last 14 years. The foundation is good and the roof is straight. Many of the floor joists have...