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    Porch Breakage - How to fix? DIY

    A treated 1X2 or 1X3 could replace the rotted face.
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    Subpanel from stove circuit

    If the garage is attached, what the OP is proposing should work. However you can not "bury" any connections. There must be access to any connection.
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    Need new barn - American Steel Carports build?

    This is one of those times where you need to survey the neighbors and others in your area and find out who (or how) they built their barns. Pay attention to the sizes and styles that they used. I can't count how many times, I have saved time, trouble and money by simply having a conversation...
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    Foundation Wall Crack

    I've seen this same type thing happen when the house next door was being built and they cleared the lot with the dozer. The vibration of the dozer can cause the wall to crack on an existing home.
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    Advice for removing a washer connection

    I try like hell not to have any pipes on an outside wall, but since there are already installed, it might be a whole lot easier to keep the pipes in place and insulate around them. It's below ground. Probably not a freeze issue. You might be able to wrap the pipes with foam and use your...
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    Sharkbite Fittings

    The special tool, to release the fitting, is only a few bucks. I wouldn't risk damaging the fitting just to save a few bucks. A leak could cost you thousands.
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    Electronics / Small devices not working correctly

    This is an important subject and I have a few things for all of those reading this thread. 1. An outlet strip is not necessarily a surge protector. Make sure you have an actual surge protector and not just an outlet strip for this type of application. 2. Whole house surge protectors are not...
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    Removing Handle From Bathroom Faucet

    I had one of those last year on a 40 year old home. Ended up have to cut off and replace the valves because they were so corroded. Make sure you turn of the water before applying pressure on stuck washer hoses.
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    Lights not working

    How old is the house? Have you established if the light circuit is actually getting power? Possible causes in no particular order: 1. Bad Breaker 2. GFI tripped 3. Bad connection on outlet or switch that feeds power to the lights. (most likely if breaker is good and GFI is not the issue) 4...
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    Removing Handle From Bathroom Faucet

    It might. But Channel Locks will usually get that hose off. Be sure to replace the hose with a new one. Most folks are using the stainless steel hoses these days.
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    Electronics / Small devices not working correctly

    OP indicates that some of these items have been replaced. Is the new router/modem, thermostat working after being replaced? If the new items are working, then I would suspect there has been a power surge or electrical spike. All of the items mentioned appear to be low voltage after having...
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    Lights not working

    Check the GFI reset on the outlets.
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    New Water Heater delivers cool water after 2 minutes

    It sounds like you might have too small of a water heater. You will need to turn the temperature up in order to be able to mix more cold water with the hot water. That will give you more gallons of water in the bathtub. How big is the bathtub? How far is the bathtub from the water heater...
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    Is this a good quote for windows?

    Based on the limited amount of information you have provided you are at over $1400 a window, it seems high; but we don't know. Maybe you have some unusual windows. Replacement windows generally cost less than half of that number. Count how many windows (count large window sections as multiple...
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    Ceiling fan height

    Bud's right. It's your house and if you need a ceiling fan then you need a ceiling fan. You work with what you have and sometimes that means putting a ceiling fan on a low 7 1/2 foot ceiling. As long as the fan is over about 6 1/2 foot then you can live with it unless you are really tall...
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    Interior Door to Garage

    At a minimum you will need a 20 minute metal fire rated door without glass. Fires do start in garages and you want to keep it contained in that area until the fire department arrives. I've seen houses burn to the ground from fires that started in the garage.
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    Busted rennai tankless copper pipe

    Ouch! That looks like a question for the folks at Rennai. I would give them a call and send the photo over. Let us know what they tell you.
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    Home build/design/architecture questions

    Another thing that I push during renovations are electrical outlets and switches. I always ask where they plug in their vacuum cleaner. Then I point out how much easier it would be if there was an outlet here, here and there. When you express it in those terms, the homeowner will see the...
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    Hole in wall studs are BLACK?

    The house was built in 1854... That shines a new light on things. Is it possible the house was abandoned for many years and deteriorated? Then someone decided to completely gut and refurbish the house? They did not have drywall in 1854. Drywall often has a production date stamped on the...
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    Home build/design/architecture questions

    In all reality, it's impossible to "future proof" a home. But you do have to plan to be able to adapt when necessary. In the late 1990's and well into the 2000's, the conventional belief was that internet service would come from the phone company. No one thought the cable company would be...