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    Pressure Tank Design

    Since pressure tank bladders do not last forever wouldn't it be nice if bladder tanks were made such that a bladder could be replaced w/o removing and re-plumbing the tank? In my mind I see a removable top with a diaphragm or at least an accessible plate that facilitated easy removal and...
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    Sharkbite Fittings

    I picked up a Sharkbite quarter turn angle valve yesterday to use as a temporary stop while I do some plumbing rework. Do I need the special tool (or can I improvise) to remove it for reinstallation as I progress through the rework?
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    How to Know When Power Returns

    One problem with an emergency generator back feeding the electrical panel is knowing when power returns. With my main disconnect open I have no easy means to determine presence of incoming power. I purchased a no contact voltage tester but without removing the inner panel cover I can't get...
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    Surprise Shock

    I was troubleshooting a 3-way switch circuit for a friend. It was in a detached building classified as a garage but more of a man cave. The electrician that wired the building left wires too short to reach receptacle and switch screws so back stab connections were used. I was trying to determine...
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    Crown Nut Removal Wrench

    I need to renew the stem packing for a toilet stop valve. Access and visibility are very limited. Is there a special stubby wrench or deep well socket that plumbers use in these circumstances? It seems to be 3/4" but I am not certain of this as wrench handle length is in the way. I am having to...
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    Kohler Rochelle Toilet Repair

    I have two Kohler Rochelle toilets that have been in use 47 years with only minor repairs. The one that gets the greatest use is having some shut off problems now. It needs the ball replacement but the flush valve doesn't always reset and holds the ball up. A new OEM flush assembly costs around...
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    Puzzling Electric Heater Problem Solved

    I have a Q-Mark Model HBB-754 hydronic heater in a bathroom which was controlled by a Honeywell 7 Day Programmable TH-106 line thermostat. I thought the thermostat had failed in the on mode as heat could not be controlled. I replaced the thermostat with a used Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable...
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    Controllable Washing Machine???

    For years we used the Kenmore/Whirlpool washing machines. Our way of washing whites was to start with washcloths and towels with detergent and a low level of hot water go to wash cycle for a few minutes then let soak. After a good soak and maybe another short agitation or two if we thought to we...
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    Freeflow Handheld Shower Head

    I have never met a 2.5GPM showerhead that I liked as well as my 70s free flow model at home and I have met more than a few while on business travel. I wouldn't change mine but I find myself in need of a handheld showerhead. My question is which brands out there are easiest to modify or remove...
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    Deck Screws Breaking

    I built a small deck using Phillips deck screws and almost every screw has broken. The screws were guaranteed but only for corrosion it seems. Surely one doesn't have to predrill every hole to build a deck.
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    Replacement For Plumbers Putty?

    I don't have good luck with plumbers putty on a SS sink with the extra cup to hold the drain to the sink basin. Has RTV or any modern materials trumped plumber's putty?