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    Inactive furnace concern

    I painted a room about 3 months ago, and the smell won't go away, so I'm not able to use the natural gas furnace this year. I tore out all the drywall, and that didn't help. Assuming my smell problem is gone next year when it's time to use the AC, I'm wondering if the system will be cranky...
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    Window Quilt

    In searching for ways to block out the cold, I stumbled on to the window quilt site, and wonder if anybody has tried them? I'll probably try covering one room the first month or so of winter and compare between rooms how good they do. In searching this site, I did find a post from 2009, with a...
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    Island Column

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how they secure these types of island columns to the floor? The cabinets are floaters, secured by T-25 screws to the column, and I expected when I pulled them out, there would be cutouts at the bottom where they secured the column to the floor. There is nothing...
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    Vinyl at Threshold

    In prepping for Vinyl to go in at the entrance to the garage, I'm wondering what to do. Pull up the threshold and tuck it under, or put it flush up against the threshold like the linoleum is. What would you do?
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    DIY Butcher block counters

    I'm going to make counters for base cabinets out of 2x10's or similar, plane / glue / Kreg. That's the easy, cheap way that will work. My question is if I can do the same for the sinks? I'm wondering everything from whether my Jig Saw can handle that thickness, which will probably be 1.4" for...
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    Bathroom exhaust fan not effective

    My spare bathroom is 5' x 7.5', and until recently could clear the air after a shower in 20 minutes or so. Now it's taking around an hour. I figured either critters made a nest in the vent (No) or it was simply a 50 CFM unit or something like that. (It's 110). There is good air flow to the...
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    Do I need more than base paint?

    This Valspar is what I plan on getting. I currently have light tan walls with the exception of a Red wall in the Kitchen and a Light Blue wall in the laundry room, which makes as much sense as a Football bat to me. IF I like how this base works, do I need to do more than that? To me, "base"...
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    "Luxury" Vinyl

    Hi, I see threads on vinyl flooring, but most go back a decade or more. Does anybody have current luxury vinyl flooring that works well with pets / is waterproof? I'm looking for opinions from people that have had the product down for a year or more with good results. I would value opinions...