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  1. fixit7

    Prevent freeze of copper pipe?

    I have a friend who had a copper pipe in his attic freeze. Is there something he can do to prevent a future occurrence? Thanks.
  2. fixit7

    Fire code regarding grills on patios

    I live in an apartment. For the 2nd time, I have seen another resident operating a grill on their patio. I reported the 1st instance to the manager. From what I understand, it is not lawful to operate an grill under a balcony and not withing 10 feet of the residence. I am trying to find the...
  3. fixit7

    Fruit flies

    I am having a heck of a time with fruit flies. I keep my apartment clean and emtpy the trash frequently. I have fly strips in every room. I have apple cider vinegar traps as well. I notice the grocery stores have that problem too. If I did not have a parakeet, I would set off a roach bomb...
  4. fixit7

    Outdoor antenna

    This is my outdoor antenna. As you can see from the pic, it gets rained on. There is a small amount of corrosion on the aluminum rods. Would that decrease my reception over time? If so, should I coat it with something? Thanks.
  5. fixit7

    Slotted screw starter

    I found this in my tool chest. Do not recall ever having used it. I think I got it from my father. Is it used in tight spaces...
  6. fixit7

    Remove curls from garden hose

    I am having a hard time getting my hose in shape to hang up, but the curls in in are making that hard. I did a search for removing curls from a garden hose, but did not find much. Is there a way of removing the curls?
  7. fixit7

    Naphtha uses

    I was advised on a bicycle forum to use Naphtha to clean my bike chain. I was previously using paint thinner. I found that Simple Green worked as well and is environmentally friendly. So what other uses can I use the Naphtha for?
  8. fixit7

    Cut out particle board

    I am looking for an easier way to remove this piece of particle board.
  9. fixit7

    Coarsest sandpaper

    I am looking for the lowest grit sandpaper that will remove wood the fastest. I found this, but could find no P12 sandpaper. Extra Coarse This highly coarse sandpaper grit ensures expedited removal of all kinds of material. Because of the roughness, extra coarse sandpaper is used for the...
  10. fixit7

    Smooth out patio surface

    I would like to smooth out the surface of my patio. I think that sea sea sheels were used instead of small rocks in the concrete. And the acid rain produced the indentations in the concrete. Is there a way to smooth out my patio? Vielen Dank, Andy
  11. fixit7

    Thankful to Dewalt

    Dewalt is kind enough to build their drill batteries so you can rebuild them with 18650 batteries. No so with Dyson.
  12. fixit7

    Easier switch

    I would like an easier way to turn on a light. This is what I currently have. I have used this for other applications, but it will not work because I would have to bend down to use it.
  13. fixit7

    Split large magnet into smaller pieces

    I salvaged this 10 lb magnet from a 1000 watt speaker. I trying to make smaller magnets from it. Wikihow says to either chip it with a hammer or saw it with a hacksaw. What do you think?
  14. fixit7

    Attach outlet extender

    Is there a way to attach this outlet extender so it does not come out when removing cords? Or is there one I can get that will attach? Thanks.
  15. fixit7

    Table saw sled

    I made this sled. It's working ok, but I noticed that you are limited as the thickness of the wood you want to cut. I puts some wood on it to cut and had to raise the blade. In doing so, I cut further into my 2 fences. :-) If I raise it too much, I will end up cutting my sled completely in...
  16. fixit7

    Point of chamfer cutout

    I do not see the point of the chamfer on the cutout on the base? The router bit would have to go under the base to even touch it?
  17. fixit7

    Bad edge when routing wood piece

    When I routed this, it produced a bad edge and it "kicked" back. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks.
  18. fixit7

    Thinner melamine

    I am looking for a thin piece of melamine to put on my router table. All I could find was material that was .7 inch thick. Do they make any thinner or maybe some other type? Thanks.
  19. fixit7

    Router table

    Looks like a router table is in my future. Would this one work?
  20. fixit7

    Change router bit

    I am trying to change the router bit of this router someone gave me. Rockwell Commercial Duty Model 4676 I have the two wrenches, but can not get it to loosen?