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  1. Skeezix

    Connecting a 3/4-Inch PVC Stub to an Outdoor Receptacle Box

    I have a metal outdoor receptacle box with a 1/2-inch opening. I also have a 3/4-inch PVC stub. I want to connect the PVC stub to the receptacle box. I will run low-voltage wires from the PVC stub to the receptacle box. What kind of adapter do I need?
  2. Skeezix

    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    My house was built in 1982. It has a concrete driveway and a double garage. Over the years the driveway had cracked and slid about an inch away from the garage. I tried using the gray styrofoam-like filler and some caulk, but that of course didn't hold, so in 2015 I had the driveway removed and...
  3. Skeezix

    Front Door Finish Is Coming Off When I Try to Clean Door

    Fifteen years ago I replaced my front door with one from Lowes. It has a wood-like finish. I tried to clean off the water splash spots on the outside bottom of the door a few times, but soon realized that all I was doing was removing whatever finish had been applied when the door was...
  4. Skeezix

    Fixing Corner Where Drywall Ceiling Meets Walls

    I recently installed one of those pole-type shelves in a corner of my bathtub. It's the kind that mounts between the bathtub and the ceiling and that has three adjustable corner shelves on it. Well, I had too much pressure on it at first, and when I put the thing up it broke out a corner of the...
  5. Skeezix

    Getting a Water Heater into Position

    I am replacing my old water heater. It is mounted on a pedestal 28 inches from the floor. The new heater weighs around 160 pounds. Before I look around to find somebody who will help me lift it into position for probably at least $75 I thought I'd ask if there were any way I could get it up...
  6. Skeezix

    Cleaning Old Vinyl Tile Adhesive from Plywood Underlayment

    I have removed 9 of my 45 stick-on vinyl tiles from my bathroom (only 36 more to go!) I had to use a heat gun to remove them. They left a lot of old adhesive residue on the plywood to which the tiles were stuck. First I tried using mineral spirits to remove the adhesive from a 12-inch square...
  7. Skeezix

    Remove Old Stick-um Glue from Floor

    In early 2006 I laid stick-um tiles in my bathroom. I laid them on new 1/4-inch plywood. Now they are coming up (the glue gave out) and some are turning yellow so it's time to replace them with more stick-ums. What is the best product to use to remove all traces of old glue from the plywood...
  8. Skeezix

    Replacing Stick-on Tiles in Bathroom

    In January 2006 I installed some stick-on vinyl tiles in my bathroom. I removed everything from the bathroom, sanded down the plywood to make it as level as I could get it, and installed a new plywood subfloor before laying down the gray-colored 1-foot square tiles. About 4 years ago the corner...
  9. Skeezix

    Replacing a Latch on My Shed Door = PROBLEM!

    I'm having a helluva hard time trying to replace a simple latch on my shed doors. After the first attempt the latch would not slip over the loop easily. For the 2nd attempt I left the loop alone and installed a new 1 x 4.5 inch vertical board on the jamb side of the left door. (I'm working with...
  10. Skeezix

    My Door Slowly Swings to Closed Position When I Open It

    When I open one of my doors and then let go, it slowly swings to the closed position. When fully closed, the top of the vertical edge on the jamb side is about a hair away from the jamb. It's been that way for the last 24 years. Without removing it, how can I tweak the door so it will stay open?
  11. Skeezix

    Microwave Suddenly Stopped Working - Hot & Neutral Wires Reversed

    My house was built in 1982. When I bought it in 1995 it had a GE Spacemaker microwave oven. It has been working without problems - until this morning. As I was about to set the cook time I noticed the display was black. In the past it showed the time. I pressed a couple of buttons but the...
  12. Skeezix

    Refurbishing My Shed's Sagging Doors

    My shed was built in 1996. The hinges and the latch mount on 1x3 boards. The hinges have become loose and the doors now sag such that the upper lock doesn't quite reach anymore. The doors are the same composite siding material as the rest of the shed but with 1x3 reinforcements on the outside...
  13. Skeezix

    Refrigerator Water Dispenser Has Very Slow Flow

    Whirlpool Model # 10657572790 SN: SH0741866 Bought: 1995 Over the last year or so the water flow out of the water dispenser has slowed down to a trickle. Takes about a minute to get 8 oz of water. :eek: Water flow into the ice maker appears to be normal. Not sure where the problem lies so I...
  14. Skeezix

    Dishwasher Drain Problem

    The drain for my dishwasher is connected in an unusual way. The following shows what you see when you open the doors below the dual sink: Here is what's behind the garbage disposal. The dishwasher is behind the wood at the left of the drawing and its drain is shown at the bottom: Behind the...
  15. Skeezix

    Video to Inspect the Inside of Pipes

    Is there some kind of flexible tube with a video camera on the end that will fit into a 2" drain pipe? I think I'll need to see 25 feet.
  16. Skeezix

    Fastener Question for Exterior Siding

    My covered patio has a handrail around it. I would like to use 4x8x5/8" siding to keep the rain and snow from blowing in between the handrail and the floor. (I think this is referred to as a "knee wall" but not sure.) I have a air staple/nail gun that shoots 16 ga brads. I plan to use it to...