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  1. slownsteady

    Thanksgiving Flashback

    I thought it might be fun to find the oldest Bird-Day thread I could find and post it up. This one is from 2009. There are some older mentions (going back to 2005) but this will do just fine. Once again, Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. slownsteady

    Sealing leaded glass frame

    We have a china hutch that has leaded glass panels in the doors. Basically just like stained glass, the solder between the panes appears to be shedding dust. And since this is where some of our glasses and plates live, we don't want this dust anywhere around them. What can we use to seal the...
  3. slownsteady

    What's new (and good) in replacement windows?

    My cousin is asking me about replacement windows for her house. I have vinyl and they have been fine. But she has been told about fiberglass windows and even aluminum (?!) replacements. I know that things change over time, and technology evolves, so what's the state of the art right now? And...
  4. slownsteady


    Hey Oldog, I hope you made it through okay with this last episode.
  5. slownsteady

    Any suggestions?

    I decided to put up a drywall ceiling in the utility room in my basement. My question concerns what to do where the ceiling meets the foundation block wall. I'm not going to frame over the wall, so I have a recess space at the top of the wall. The joists and rim joist are sitting on a 2x? laying...
  6. slownsteady

    Abandoned Ground Wire?

    Working with a neighbor on a basement remodel, we discovered a 10 ga ground wire coiled up in a cavity in the ceiling. The other end goes back to the main service panel. My neighbor recalls that at one time this may have been attached to the brass waste pipe that led out of the house to the...
  7. slownsteady

    3 sides beveled?

    The drywall that you get at the big box store usually has a bevel on the two long sides to make it easier to tape. But what if you need to join sheets lengthwise? Is there a tool that you can get to add a bevel on the third edge? edit: bevel = taper
  8. slownsteady

    Tool maintenance

    I started a thread in the concrete forum about cleaning up after creating concrete dust, but it led me to the bigger question about keeping power tools and other electric/electronic equipment clean after heavy abuse. What do you folks do to clean up power tools? What do you consider basic...
  9. slownsteady

    Cleaning up after grinding concrete

    I recently did a project that required my to do a good amount of concrete grinding with an angle grinder. Despite my best efforts, a lot of dust found it's way around the house. Besides vacuuming and dusting... and vacuuming again.....and again, are there any better ways to clean this up. More...
  10. slownsteady

    Filling a hole in concrete floor

    The original builders of this house must have embedded a 2x6 when they poured the basement floor of this house. So now i have a hole under one of my walls where the wood has finally rotted out. I want to fill this with a product that will expand slightly since I won't be able to see if I fill...
  11. slownsteady

    2010 Lawnboy

    Does anyone have access to the maintenance manual for a 2010 Lawnboy self-propelled mower? I just picked up a used one and the engine seems to be in fine shape, but the belt squeals a lot and there are other possible issues with the drive train. I found the user's manual online, but there's not...
  12. slownsteady

    How to troubleshoot GE icemaker

    A tree took down our power line a couple weeks ago, and we got the power back in just over 24 hours so we thought we had dodged a bullet. But now I noticed that the icemaker isn't creating anymore ice. I can't blame it 100% on the power hit, because I didn't notice the problem right away, but it...
  13. slownsteady

    Timberline roof shingle problem

    I noticed that one layer of one of my roof shingles slide out and fell. I guess this is considered delamination? I looked into it a little and it seems like it could be a nailing problem. So how do I fix it without trashing the shingle? I am able to slide it back into place. Just glue it back up?
  14. slownsteady

    Basement floor moisture

    I posted in the concrete and masonry thread about the "Sweat spots" in my basement floor and how in the warm weather, they will probably prevent me from putting down vinyl flooring. I'd like to get a flooring perspective on this too, so take a look at that thread. I think it would be smarter to...
  15. slownsteady

    "Sweat spots" on basement floor

    Let's just say my basement renovation project is a long-term thing. I've started and stopped on it so many times it's starting to get silly. For the most part, my walk-out basement is dry. But in the warm weather the floor gets these sweat spots...a small area of dampness here and there. Water...
  16. slownsteady

    Exterior paint over Interior paint

    The wooden threshold to our back door needed repainting and after a good exterior prime coat, my "other half" grabbed the wrong paint and gave it a coat of interior white. Now what do we have to do (if anything) before we can recoat it with the proper exterior paint?
  17. slownsteady

    Three-way molding joint

    I'm sprucing up the laundry room a little bit. Around the ceiling there is a shoe molding, and I want to add a quarter-round in the vertical corners of the room. So what do I do where the the mitered corners of the shoe intersect with the top of the qtr-round? And, while I'm askin', what do you...
  18. slownsteady

    Smoothing out a CMU wall

    We have an exposed CMU wall in our laundry room that we already decided not to frame out. But we're wondering what we could use to make the wall smooth for painting. A cement product or drywall mud or something else?
  19. slownsteady

    What's the difference?

    What is the difference between a self-leveling concrete and a concrete resurfacer?
  20. slownsteady

    Water softener problems

    My softener doesn't seem to be drawing brine when it cycles. It's a rather old Technetic 1000, which has been reliable in the past. It cycles okay, keeps time etc. Just doesn't make the water soft. Is it something i can fix or have repaired? Or should I consider buying a new head? I don't mind...