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    Bury Downspouts Recommendations

    I'm trying to determine the best route to bury the gutters around this house. The sunroom has 3 around it and the ground gets saturated, which is the top left room in the picture. The bottom I have out near the sidewalk (orange line) but am debating just running all of them out towards the back...
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    Caulk all the way around?

    Hello, this is just for clarification purposes. I don't see or believe there are weep holes on these windows but wanted to see if anyone else agreed. The only label on them is MW HM LINE #3 2006 and some 2007. There are definitely no noticeable holes there and doesn't look like anything covered...
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    Condenser Fan Motor Issues

    I was hearing a humming through the air ducts and went outside to hear the ac unit making a ridiculously loud noise. I turned it off and spun the motor blades slowly and it vibrated and shook the unit. The old motor shaft moves in and out quite a bit compared to the new one. Replaced motor and...