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    outdoor lighting

    I would love to have lights along my front walk and the pole-type lights around my patio. I would prefer standard rather than solar. Would this be a major job? I have a long front walk that would probably take about 20 lights and I'd like to have about 4 - 6 around the patio. Buying the...
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    roof vents to cut cooling costs

    Are the vents you can install in your roof really worth it? I mean do they really make a difference in your cooling costs? If so, which ones are the best? sharon
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    low flow toilet recommendations

    I'm looking for a good low flow toilet to replace the very old toilet in my bathroom. I just bought this house about 4 months ago and the toilet seems to take a awful lot of water to flush and it's so old that I'd like to get a new one. Any recommendations? sharon