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    Cannot hang prints!

    Okay, you guys have been so so awesome with your help and feedback. Thank you! Sorry I keep running to this forum for all of my woes! So.. I'm trying to hang up a print and a clock in our living room. The walls and everything are very very old. I can't hang anything up because the wall...
  2. J

    Stained bathtub

    So, we moved into an apartment with an old bathroom. Everything is in great condition but I cannot get over the bathroom. It is tiny and is definitely the most aged. Even after a deep clean, it still looks filthy from the stains on the outside of the bathtub, toilet, and sink! What can I...
  3. J

    New to this thread!

    Hi guys, My name is Janelle. I'm new to this forum, but very excited to start posting. My husband and I love gathering knowledge for our home DIY projects and this board seems jam-packed with useful information. Thanks!
  4. J

    White board paint!

    After checking out this thread, I was curious how you would treat white board paint. Recently, in our conference room we painted a wall with the white board paint. We had to do 4 layers and counting! The marker imprints still linger and it looks like we're going to have to go for a 5th layer...