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    Humidifiers - cold mist? hot mist?

    I found that my apartment is incredibly dry - especially with the heat that i cannot really control. I have heard that a humidifier with put some moisture back into my apartment; however, what is the difference between the cold mist and hot mist? Is there any particular brand/model you would...
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    Moth Away!

    What is the best method of keeping moths away from my clothes and stuff in storage? I don't like the smell of moth balls but I don't know what other option I have.
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    Odor from heater

    My heater smells very musty! Is there a filter that needs to be replaced? I don't think that it smells like anything is leaking but more that it smells "dirty". HELP before it gets too cold!
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    Ideas on what to watch

    I know that there are a lot of home improvement shows out there, but what would you recommend that is reasonable to accomplish and yet enjoyable to watch?
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    Cleaning up my junk

    I've tried many different methods of organizing my garage and basement; however, it's always cluttered and I thought maybe it's time to get rid of things? Does anyone have any suggestions for good storage items? Or even how to go about getting rid of an unused lawn mower, extra fridge and etc?
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    Indoor Light

    I live in an apartment (that I'm leasing) that does not have any ceiling lights. I'm currently using tons of lamps with high wattage bulbs and still I feel like I'm living in the dark. How hard would it be to install ceiling lights? Any suggestions on better light bulbs?
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    Broken Dishwasher - Replace or not?

    My Kenmore dishwasher recently gave up on me. Well, it's more or less that the water does not drain anymore. Is it worth getting fixed or getting a new one? :confused: