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  1. tuffy

    Find of the day

    Found this on the curb with a sign that said free. All I had to do was clean the carburetor real good and it runs great. Need to order the thing they call a lanclet and I can start using it.
  2. tuffy

    Quarantine projects

    This is just some of my projects that I’ve been working on. The planter was a Mother’s Day gift for my wife. And the trellis/ arbor or whatever you call it.was to hang the hummingbird feeders on . The wife and I are making some more feeders to go on it . Also making some hanging lights for it...
  3. tuffy

    Concrete bird bath

    I have a concrete bird bath that I got from my grandma.she had it made for her some time in the 20’s it’s very heavy. I have had it since 1990 and it is starting to deteriorate it has rebar in it that is starting to show thru. I was wondering what kind of cement to coat it with? Or is there...
  4. tuffy


    Do to some problems with my e-mail (Grand kids messed with the computer) I need to change my e-mail and I can't figure out how. If any body can point me in the right direction I greatly accept the help. Thank you.
  5. tuffy

    Extending outside water line.

    I am thinking about extending an outside water line so I can water the garden and water down the compost pile. As it is now I have to drag out 200 feet of hose. I am thinking about using cpvc which I got for free and attaching it to our privacy fence and hooking our hose to it on one end which...
  6. tuffy

    square footage

    How do you figure the square footage of a single story house?
  7. tuffy

    Flex seal crack in water feature

    Trying to fix a crack in a outside water fixture with flex seal. Have any of you guys tried this product before and had any luck with it? I followed the directions, I've got one coat on. Now the directions say to wait 24-48 hours between coats and i am doing 3 coats inside and out. Do you think...
  8. tuffy

    When can i over seed my yard?

    I have all ready put down the first application of turf builder with crab grass preventer. Do I need to Waite to over seed my yard now or will the fertilizer not hurt the seeds? Probably a dumb question I know!!!
  9. tuffy

    Water in toilet goes down when its not suppose too.

    Our main line became clogged again with tree roots (needs dug up and replaced)we rented a sewer auger and went down the pipe 3 times to the street every thing was working fine we tried every thing before quitting and it flowed perfect until my wife took her bath she noticed the toilet was...
  10. tuffy

    When to fertilize.

    Can you tell me when to fertilize my tulips and roses and iris's the tulips are about 21/2 inches high now iris's just coming up no movement on the roses. not sure what zone I'm in but I live in n/e Missouri.
  11. tuffy

    when can i paint

    When will it be safe for me to paint the out side of my house? our highs our in the mid 50s with some 60s and lows in the mid 30s with a few upper 20s.suppose to warm up in the high 60s and lows in lows in the mid 40s in a few weeks.
  12. tuffy

    ventless gas insert

    Now that winter is coming to a close the big box stores are starting to have sales on their vent less natural gas fire place inserts what do you think about vent less? there were no direct vent ones in stock.
  13. tuffy

    kitchen drawer slides

    can I convert my regular drawer slides to the soft close ones?
  14. tuffy

    Dried paint on brushes.

    Is there a product out there that can bring old hardened brushes back to life its dried latex and oil based paints?
  15. tuffy

    getting caulking off window frames

    I installed new vinyl windows about 4 year's ago and used latex+silcone caulking. I guess I smeared a little bit to much inside. now with the fire place it has turned the caulking brown and it looks horrid against a white window. can I use a razor scraper to get it off, or is there another...
  16. tuffy

    What size gas line for gas fireplace insert

    I think I just came up on a great deal on a natural gas fireplace insert I have never installed one of these before so any suggestions you have would be appreciated . first off what size gas line would I need it will be about a 75 foot run. 2nd what kind of flue liner would I need. 3rd any thing...
  17. tuffy

    Frozen latex paint

    I accidently left my gallon of kilz latex out in my storage shed so far this winter and it is frozen. is there any hope for it when it thaws out. I have brought it in side for the night to see what the morning brings. its 3/4 full I hate to pitch it on my stupidity and buy a new any...
  18. tuffy

    how to keep your brushes looking new

    How do you keep you brushes looking new I buy the top of the line brushes and rollers but I never can seem to get them clean enough or something after 1 use the brissels are often hard especially down by the feral any tips or tricks thanks.:help:
  19. tuffy

    how to keep a water line from freezing?

    I live in a 100 year old house that in made of concrete block and we have this one water line that is about 60 feet long but it only freezes up in a 2 foot section every year the walls are studded out and lightly insulated is there any thing i can do to fix this problem been going on for 10...
  20. tuffy


    why does it seem to be the fad now to convert your wood burning fireplace to gas .I love my wood burning fireplace.seems like on all the home improvement shows that's the first thing they do.