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    Bury Downspouts Recommendations

    I'm trying to determine the best route to bury the gutters around this house. The sunroom has 3 around it and the ground gets saturated, which is the top left room in the picture. The bottom I have out near the sidewalk (orange line) but am debating just running all of them out towards the back...
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    Caulk all the way around?

    Hello, this is just for clarification purposes. I don't see or believe there are weep holes on these windows but wanted to see if anyone else agreed. The only label on them is MW HM LINE #3 2006 and some 2007. There are definitely no noticeable holes there and doesn't look like anything covered...
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    Condenser Fan Motor Issues

    I removed the motor again just to look around. It seems that the blade itself is the culprit. The blade is spinning freely....but so is the connection to the shaft. I'm going to guess the hub isn't solder-able so I may just need to order a new blade. Are there any alternatives to the...
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    Condenser Fan Motor Issues

    Absolutely positive. I took pictures prior as well as researched to double check the wiring. I was worried when the original problem came up because I couldn't isolate the noise due to it being so loud. That's when I spun the motor and it just shook the whole unit with the slightest movement...
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    Condenser Fan Motor Issues

    I understand the slow turning may be due to wiring or the capacitor. Any ideas why the sound is there? It's almost like something internal is moving or scraping faster than the blades themselves. The rotation is correct as I can see . I should add that there is no noise when I manually spin the...
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    Condenser Fan Motor Issues

    I was hearing a humming through the air ducts and went outside to hear the ac unit making a ridiculously loud noise. I turned it off and spun the motor blades slowly and it vibrated and shook the unit. The old motor shaft moves in and out quite a bit compared to the new one. Replaced motor and...