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  1. J

    Loss of power alarm

    If you only want a visible alarm any emergency backup light will do the job.
  2. J

    Well pump discharge faucet...

    It can't suck into the line if it is under pressure. You could put an anti siphon on the faucet to be sure.
  3. J

    Outlet issues....

    Open the two receptacles that work and look for a loose white on the out feed to the dead ones. If any of the wires are in the back stab pushin connections move them to the screw terminals. Back stabs are a very common cause of the problem you are having.
  4. J

    Electronics / Small devices not working correctly

    If these items are not all on the same circuit then the POCO supply neutral could be bad. If the feed is overhead you might even be able to see the bad connection. It could also be inside the meter can where you can't see it.
  5. J

    Electronics / Small devices not working correctly

    It could be an issue with a bad neutral.
  6. J

    Hot ground reverse

    Hot ground reverse is often a sign of an open neutral on those plugin testers.
  7. J

    How to Know When Power Returns

    We have smart meters here. All you have to do is look at the meter to see if it is powered up.
  8. J

    How to Know When Power Returns

    Just look out the window to your neighbours.
  9. J

    Load Bearing - I can’t tell

    Can't tell by looking at the wall. You need to know what is above the wall. It is not likely that a short wall like that is a load bearing.
  10. J

    How can remove rust from this meat grinder in a food-safe way?

    To remove the rust I would start with a scotch bright scouring pad or fine sand paper. Then wash and spray with vegetable oil or pam between uses to prevent more rust.
  11. J

    How can remove rust from this meat grinder in a food-safe way?

    I would not use motor oil if you intend to use it to grind meat,
  12. J

    Ethernet Cable Mess

    Those connection are not ethernet compatible. Those cable are being used for phone or part of the security system. They may not go to one central point or they may go to the security sytsem controller.
  13. J

    Outlets and light switches

    The box you show does not have a cable from the panel. You say the switch only has one cable, so that is not the power source. You need to identify where the power source is.
  14. J

    Outlets and light switches

    The light switch has two cables? Then the only way is to run a new cable from the light switch. You need a three wire cable instead of a two wire cable.
  15. J

    Outlets and light switches

    It appears there is only one cable coming into the receptacle box. That means you need to make the change at the switch to make the receptacle unswitched.
  16. J

    480V Plugged Lockouts

    LOTO is Lock Out Tag Out.
  17. J

    480V Plugged Lockouts
  18. J

    220 sub panel with no Neutral

    With a GFCI breaker the load neutral has to connect to the breaker. The breaker pigtail connects to the neutral bar. But since your hot tub does not have a neutral that should not matter. You problem is the lack of 240 volts. It sounds like one of the hot wires is dead. Do you have 240 volts...
  19. J

    Outlets and light switches

    You need to pull the receptacle out and tell the wiring.
  20. J

    Snow load on a deck

    The only problem with the snowblower could be damage from the slider feet. I would keep it shoveled. If you get a rain event the snow will get much heavier.