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    How to fix aluminum siding

    I think someone banged into this vertical piece of siding trim and pulled it away from the brick molding. I could caulk it but is there a better way to close the large gap? Sorry about the pics not being upright.
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    Opinions on this sump pump backup system.

    This is not an ad. My sump pump pit is really tight making it difficult to squeeze in a backup so I found this set up. It allows you to use your existing sump pump if you lose power but connect up to 3 batteries for longer pump time and no need to plumb for another pump. When not needed, it...
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    Hiding an outlet

    I plan to eventually route my baseboards to inset led strip lights. They plug into an outlet which will be controlled by a wall light switch. I want to build an accessible box that will contain the outlet but have it somewhat concealed near the floor, perhaps with a door. Any ideas?
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    Should I frame wall hung fireplace?

    This electric fireplace sticks out about an inch from the framing. What I'm wondering is when I drywall the wall, should I enclose the rear of the FP or leave it open? It's an inside wall.
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    What's this device on water heater?

    I have an AO Smith heater with an auto-draft inducer. It's 13 years old so I'm going to replace it now rather than wait for it to start leaking. I think this device is needed for the draft inducer, is this something I can remove from this water heater and install on the new one? It appears to...
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    Damp basement floor

    I'm in the process of building a theater in my basement but after performing the taped plastic to the floor test and seeing moisture develop, Im down to essentially one solution. I have a sidewalk about 4 feet from my house that is tilting towards the property and causing water to collect...
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    AC/furnace water leak

    A friend of mine recently developed what appears to be a leak where the plenum meets the unit. Any thoughts?