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  1. oldognewtrick

    Beds edging and edger

    What about spraying the area with roundup, putting down landscape fabric then mulching. Anything that's growing, hit it with a weed eater.
  2. oldognewtrick

    No Flow In Cold Pipe In Shower

    I had a similar issue a couple years ago, solution was open the wall and replace the valve. I couldn't find matching tile, so I got a contrasting tile and made a design we lived with until I gutted and remolded the bathroom.
  3. oldognewtrick

    How do I stop the roots of a tree from killing my grass?

    Plant your seed in the fall, run a plugger over it, then overseed. Cool season grasses build their root system over the cooler months. Hot summer heat saps to much moisture out of the grass in the summer time.
  4. oldognewtrick

    How do I stop the roots of a tree from killing my grass?

    When time of year are you planting seed?
  5. oldognewtrick

    What does this mean?

    Very good chance it's been like that for a long time. But, go up in the attic and see if there's any cracked or sagging rafters.
  6. oldognewtrick

    What should I do about mold in the subfloor under the Tub?

    Are there any soft spots in the flooring?
  7. oldognewtrick

    What's your Temp?

    I picked up a Garmin fishfinder this week for the kayak, can't wait to try it out.
  8. oldognewtrick

    What's your Temp?

    I had an aunt and uncle that lived in Port Clinton on my mom's side. My dad's sister used to own a bar in Oak Harbor. It was the old Limestone Tavern. I remember it from 60 years ago, playing on the shuffle board game.
  9. oldognewtrick

    Water supply behind toilet

    Looks like plumbers putty that you put under a faucet when installing.
  10. oldognewtrick

    Rain chains

    Not well, ornimential more than function. A lot of weight hanging under ice load. "Rain Chains - Garden Decor - The Home Depot" Rain Chains - Garden Decor - The Home Depot
  11. oldognewtrick

    Water level in toilet tank

    Try bending the arm down.
  12. oldognewtrick

    Rain chains

    Eddie it nailed it, leaves will be an issue due to the chain support.
  13. oldognewtrick

    Water level in toilet tank

    The screws on top of the control arm move the arm up and down. Try screwing them in or out to adjust the level. Or be like me and break it while trying to adjust it and go buy a new one, they're fairly inexpensive.
  14. oldognewtrick

    Adding eaves and soffits

    I've witnessed so many failures of metal over shingles over the years that there's no way I'd ever have it on my house. The existing shingles under the metal will continue to deteriorate, buckle and cause the roof panels to separate. Leaking can occur and the repair is to clean the roof and...
  15. oldognewtrick

    Too much time on hands!

    Find a donor out of a junk yard with low miles and swap it over. Sounds like a timing belt failed. Interference engines don't like being out of time.
  16. oldognewtrick

    Too much time on hands!

    Ok, you got it loaded, did you get it to the water?
  17. oldognewtrick

    relatively new roof just developed leak while snow melting off - gutter trim?

    It looks like your step flashing was installed outside the wall covering. Step flashing should be behind any wall covering. You should not be able to see the wood siding. Your underlayments should extend up the wall and then step flashing then wall covering. (wood or vinyl)
  18. oldognewtrick

    Live Edge shelf recommendations

    Are you ok with your installer doing the best he can? Wood can warp, walls are often not true.
  19. oldognewtrick

    Norway Spruce - Bareness and Spots on Trunk

    Any idea how old it is? You could send the pic to your county extension agent and see if they could identify the issues.
  20. oldognewtrick

    Need help with patching my block garage.

    Spalling occurs when moisture is trapped in the wall during a freeze thaw cycle. Can you identify where moisture is entering or have you preventive future moisture intrusion?