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    the price of lumber has gone crazy in Canada

    Between high demand, all-time high prices and high interest from thieves, plain old lumber has emerged as the hottest commodity of this year's home, deck and fence construction season. "In the last year, we were buying the same product right here for $10, $11 a sheet. Now, we're paying in the...
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    Odd Plumbing

    It could be a recirculation line to keep the hot water hot at the end of the line .
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    Questions about yard and lawn care

    I an trying something new this year, A expert said to adjust the height of the lawn Moyer to the highest possible. the thinking is thick grass will get rid of weeds. So i started this the grass looks great so far. there are weeds but they stay low and i remove them with a nock weeding tool
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    What did you do today?

    I have a cabin up north and i dropped three huge trees that were dangerous, so now i have been Turing those trees into fire wood. I have 10 cords so far and will probably end up with another 4-5 cords. the small wood (under 8 inches) is already done but now there is just really big wood 24...
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    My deck is collapsing.

    there is a new type of footing for deck , they screw in a footing to below the frost line , Look into it .
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    how do i fix this blocked drain that runs from defrosting unit to pan in bottom of frig.

    I am giving it a try, I have but the air dryer in frig and aimed at the stop , let see what happens .
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    how do i fix this blocked drain that runs from defrosting unit to pan in bottom of frig.

    I have a Kenmore frig with a upper freezer and lower frig. when it goes on defrost the drain is blocked and therefore the water overflows and runs inside the frig and collects just under the two crisper drawer in the bottom. every few day i have to get a large towel and dry off this...
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    Tesla Achilles Heel

    they win the Darwinian award ,
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    Tesla Achilles Heel

    From what i read about the tesla accident was that there was no driver in the driver seat. tesla cars needs a driver in the seat to act if something goes wrong. there were two people in the car at the time of the accident , one in the back seat a sleep and the other in the passenger seat up front
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    Rain chains

    I saw them on this old house
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    Kohler toilets: Bad anchor bolt design for toilet seats -- with no solution

    It is in the plumbing code that all hardware shall be brass ,plastic, or corrosive resistant in a toilet .
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    Water level in toilet tank

    water level in a toilet tank should be 1 inch below overflow .
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    Water supply behind toilet

    It is caulking , so it water get on the floor it does not run in to floor below .
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    Home build/design/architecture questions

    As Plumber , yes we cluster plumbing fixture together. Bath rooms one on top of each other . I remember pricing a home for an architect that had all the plumbing thought the house. he asked why so much , Because the piping is three times longer and three time the labour. He asked to cluster the...
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    New deck time to stain?

    the book say wait a full year.
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    Norway Spruce - Bareness and Spots on Trunk

    It looks like the truck has been damaged some how. the sap is the tree treating the wound . You might get a tree expert to look to see if it should come down .
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    Replacing old Toto flapper

    You can order it it online .
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    they have it at real plumbing store . or can order it .
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    Is it recommended to connect french drain to downspouts?

    this is what i recommend , Have your downspouts land adjacent to the house. But then did a large hole under them going to the French drain. then fill the hole with 3/4 gravel . the gravel will act as a filter to remove leaves and debris that would block up a French drain
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    1 1/4 pipe for a lavatory sink is fine according to the plumbing code. the reason we use 1 1/2 pipe is that it is cheaper.