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    Replace 23 year old oil furnace?

    We have an oil furnace for heat and hot water and two AC units for cooling. We are about to have the two AC units replaced with Mitsubishi "hyper heat" heat pumps, which will do heating down to near zero and cooling. (We have solar panels to offset some of the higher cost of the electricity.)...
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    Advice for removing a washer connection

    I have to remove this washer connection in the basement (so I can insulate the walls with 2 inches of rigid foam insulation): I think it's 1/2 inch piping and I have everything I need to do it (pipe cutter, soldering materials, cleaning materials, pipe caps, etc.). I'm on a well and can...
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    Performed many home improvement projects...mainly electrical, but some others

    Hi All, I post periodically. I've done many different projects on this and my other houses. One project was to redo this shelving system. We repainted, and I installed LED lights in it. The lights are on a dimmer (the blue box in the lower rleft corner), controlled by a switch on the wall...
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    A project I would never go again, but (rigid foam insulation on concrete basement walls)

    I've been insulating the concrete walls of my basement with Dow Thermax rigid (sheet) insulation. It's the only stuff I found that does not have to be covered in the basement or attic, up to 4 inches thick. On the "top" surface (near rim joist) of the concrete wall, I added 1 inch of Dow...
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    Strange outdoor "box", mounting block, and cover

    I have been trying to replace the mount and cover for this Looks like the mount is 6.5 inches octagon, for vinyl siding. This is the old cover plate: The cover top is missing. If you take off the "bottom" of what was once the plastic cover, there's rubber-ish sealing material If you dig...
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    Two hots sharing the same neutral in the kitchen (+ GFCI breaker)

    I have discovered in my early 2000s house that they wired two circuits in the kitchen using 12/3 wiring with two INDEPENDENT 20 amp breakers for each hot leg. In other words, you can turn off one leg via one breaker while the other one is on. According to this...