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    I need a quick tip

    Hi! I'm trying to screw a piece of aluminum to a section of plywood, and I want to make it perfectly flat against the plywood. However, no matter how careful I am to smooth the aluminum, by the time I get to the final screws there are several portions of the aluminum that are annoyingly...
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    A tiny leak

    Hi! I want to clarify at the outset that the tiny leak I refer to in the title is not in a normal pipe carrying water under pressure. Instead, it's in the set of pipes of my hot-water heating system, and my particular system is an old-fashioned one that doesn't have a pump (it's a gravity...
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    A resistant lock, an insistent key... a frustrated home owner!

    Hi! I have what I thought was a common problem that would have a routine solution-- but instead I find myself mired in confusion! My key has been increasingly difficult to insert into the lock on my front door, so I felt a little lubrication was in order. Pretty simple, I figured. But on...