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    Replacing all flooring, small possibility of asbestos?

    Hi ya'll. Just bought a 1,488 sq. ft. house in Los Angeles suburbia. Slate-style tile (appears to be 8mm thick) in the living room, kitchen and hallway. Different tile types in each of the two bathrooms. Carpet in each of the 4 bedrooms. The house is currently empty and vacant and we're...
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    Contractor Work: Is this normal?

    Sorry for the long read... I mainly want to know if what I've experienced is to be expected and is normal in the contractor world, or if it warrants a complaint and/or asking for a discount. Total project price is an even $40k. I have paid them $20,500 so far and the project is ~85% completed...
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    Building Wood Driveway Gate

    Hi All, I'm considering putting in a wooden gate on my driveway, in order to keep my dog from accessing the front gate. If you take a look at the image, I've color-coded the various aspects. Cyan = Proposed Gate Magenta = Posts Red = Swing lines (depending on which side the hinges will...
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    Cost to Build Detached 1-car Garage

    Hi All, I'm interested in having an unfinished, detached, single-car garage built in my backyard at the end of my driveway. Standard height. About 200 square feet. With a single window and standard side-entry door. I intend to park my small truck and store some boxes inside. I'm looking to...
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    Chemically-strip or Wet-sand/scrap?

    I have about 20 sets of exterior window trim I'd like to patch up (minor termite damage/dry rot) and refinish. I've already confirmed lead-based paint. Initially, I was thinking about wet-sanding/scraping just the problem areas, re-prime, seal, then re-paint. But now, I'm considering stripping...
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    Spot-treating bubbling/peeling lead paint

    I just bought a house that was built in 1921 (2 br, 1 ba, 1000 sq. ft.). I've already confirmed lead paint in a number of areas that I already suspected due to the age of the home. The interior paint is in excellent condition, except for a few problem areas. I have a peeling spots in the...