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    New HVAC Install Issue

    Yeah, it’s better to leave the gauges there for a while and if you’re concerned about how it might affect your HVAC, then you can always call the tech to have it removed.
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    How should I fill the void in a horizontal sliding window after installing a condensing fan?

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    Gutter Problem/Question

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    Window condenser fan for my cabin

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    Extending Wifi up hill.

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    Fine dust coming out of forced air heater duct

    Yes, it is highly likely the work of Powderpost beetles. If you find small holes on the wall then it's already a sign that your wall has been infested. It's a good solution to call for pest control right away.
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    AC ventilation in small windowless garage office

    I'd suggest that you install air grilles if you're concerned about the air flowing from your ac. It maintains the circulation inside your garage office by sending out the conditioned air outside and drawing in fresh air. It's also not a great idea to add an exhaust fan in the wall since it would...
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    Extending Wifi up hill.

    You can also move the router to the center of the house. If the problem still isn't resolved, update the router to a newer model or have a wifi extender installed in your house. Hope this helps out a bit.
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    Boxes Too Good to Toss

    You can also have them collected at a local recycling center if you want to minimize your carbon footprint but I like your idea about using the cardboard boxes as bedroom trash cans and liners for the bathroom.
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    Rug cleaning

    I usually use a carpet cleaner/extractor for the ones I have at home. If you don't have that at your disposal you can follow this guide:
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    Custom Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

    With the $4 you save, you can get even more creative with the design by adding an acrylic panel on the cover. Or would that be too tacky?
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    I need to fgure out the age of a GE fridge

    Can't really tell from the picture. But yes, the manufacture date can be seen on the serial number most of the time. I ran an age check on my Panasonic AC a while back, and it's so old that I can't even find anything related to it on the web.
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    Sound proof the gap after window fan installation

    Are you talking about the noise from the fan or the noise from outside seeping in through the gap?
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    Lubricating a tape measure

    WD40 works just fine. If it looks dirty/dusty, try to wipe some of it first.
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    Apartment vent sharing

    Talk to your landlord about the problem, your landlord might be able to help you with it.
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    Best friend's house burned on Easter five years ago

    It's sad to see this happen to your best friend...but still, great work tho on the renovations.:thumb:
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    New Member

    Hi guys, my name is Hal. Nice to meet you all.
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    Choosing Countertop for the Kitchen

    Having a hard deciding on what type of material for a countertop I'm going to go for. It's for a kitchen countertop for an all-white kitchen. I'm currently deciding between Calcatta Quartz or just opt for a gray quartz countertop to give it a little bit of depth in the design but Calcatta also...