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  1. sgeco

    Renewable meet worldwide needs of energy?

    personally speaking, we''ll never know. Although green energy is popular today. It's popularity is fluctuating and not all are totally supportive and accepting it since it's not that 100% viable. Kok328 is right, as long as the oil company owner is the richest people in the world, renewable...
  2. sgeco

    We never had a green thing in the old days

    really true, i wish to be back in those simple days. I'm lucky to experience both generation and I want my kids to experience those past. This is a really good read
  3. sgeco


    you can dual boot a Mac into Windows, that's it
  4. sgeco

    Paint color suggestions for a black and white kitchen?

    go for some lively color, so your kitchen won't look dull
  5. sgeco

    Water stains on wood table

    i have tried cigarette ashes and olive oil paste in our mahogany table and it works. Haven't tried mayonnaise yet
  6. sgeco

    Hi, need your assistance

    found this list on yellow pages
  7. sgeco

    Our kitchen reno--complete!

    wow! It's the design I picture my kitchen to look like. Black,cream and white, sophisticated indeed!
  8. sgeco

    Stained bathtub

    you can try baking soda too
  9. sgeco

    I use baking soda to clean just about everything.

    there's always a baking soda in our house because my sister likes to bake. But we don't just use it for baking, it does a lot of wonder especially during emergency cleaning. We use it to remove odors in our kitchen garbage, food container odor, clean silvers, remove floor marks, remove sink...
  10. sgeco

    Condensation from Extractor fan

    Make sure the duct is wrapped with insulation tape. Its possible to get a duct condensation to be trapped inside. Also check if the water drip is coming from the extractor itself and not from other sources like if you have water tanks on top of the floor.
  11. sgeco

    Big problems with humidity, condensation + others...

    Hi BCrossan, I think improper ventilation is what causing your place to moist. Let your house breathe by opening your windows or you can try to install extraction fan, to pull out humidity inside your home