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    Connection to dryer

    A couple of options; Wrap it with a quality duct tape, the $12 a roll, not the $2 a roll type, or install the proper oval to round transition, which allows you to connect the 4"round flex-i-duct to the 4" manifold, and secured with a 4" clamp.
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    Does this need fixed?

    It may well be just cosmetic, yet, the options are yours. If the WC is a two piece, and depending upon the brand, you may be able to purchase just the bowl alone.
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    Does this need fixed?

    If it is leaking, the leak may not be obvious. If you are on a slab, the leak may be absorbed in the ground beneath, however if you are on a wood framed floor system, any leak can be obvious from below, or can eventually result in the deterioration of the floor framing.
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    Trimming fence boards

    HMMMMM, maybe measure and precut the boards to length?????????
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    Self grounding outlet with screws only

    I've never heard of a "self grounding" recep. or switch, because for there to be a path to ground, there must exist a mechanical connection, too ground, and that occurs in several different mechanisms, depending upon how a circuit is connected.
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    Help please with hooking up ice maker with fridge

    As bud stated,"T" off the cold supply line, and if your water is softened, run an unsoftened supply. The 3 stage water filters sold at the big boxes, and hardware stores, explain the different mods of filtration offered, for your selection. You can, select, to use a single application, or add...
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    How would you install a handrail on these stone steps?

    AHA, clarification needed. I seldom use the pre-manufactured product, but have, yet to crack any masonry product I'm attaching too, so you'll need to be careful until you have developed the patience of drill pressure and speed. I order from a fabricator, or fabricate my own with an extra 12"...
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    How would you install a handrail on these stone steps?

    Welcome. I'd drill them and set the posts in epoxy.
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    P-trap for a shower needed?

    So, if you are under the impression that CLR's only application is sink drains, I suggest you brush-up on the container instructions=, C, calcium, L, lime, R, rust. Poor some in the drain and work the mechanism. Sometimes it needs to soak, a bit. Then rinse.
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    P-trap for a shower needed?

    Sound like you may have some calcium build up, so, were it mine, I'd try some CLR.
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    Outdoor power outlet

    I use a pipe nipple, through a metal box.
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    So, the wife wants to paint the kitchen next week ....

    I still buy quarts of oil-based in CA. I would, when I'm not sure of what material I'm covering, use a transitional primer.
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    Inherited a hot mess!

    Non-contact are "proximity" indicators. Use the VOM.
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    Inherited a hot mess!

    1st, we can imagine what you did, and where, to ascertain that the fixtures "have power to them", so, please tell more of the story.
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    I'd just patch with some DURA-BOND.
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    Concrete driveway not poured in sections

    Have it. saw cut, not all the way thru. Should have been discussed prior to contract.
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    Low water pressure

    Here are some Illustrations of the possible; manuel 3 Valve Bypass Illustration
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    Extending Wifi up hill.

    I installed an extender, with an antenna, on a house with a metal roof. A length of ABS, and some coax, cured internet and cordless phone performance.
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    Low water pressure

    You can check the water pressure yourself, with a simple gauge from most hdwr. stores, should be about 65lbs, I believe.